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Top 5 best and free WiFi signal booster apps for Android

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Hello, friends, in this post, I am writing about top apps to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Nowadays Wi-Fi is an essential part of our digital world. Fast Wi-Fi signal means to have faster downloading , uploading, streaming speed. Also Wi-Fi signal is essential when you do video calling/voice calling. Wi-Fi hotspots cannot cover a wide range of distance so you cannot surf the internet after a certain reach.

If your Wi-Fi signal has a low range of reach then you face many problems i.e slow downloading speed, uploading speed, problems in the surfing internet and much more.  When you go out of town, you find many Wi-Fi hotspots but it is not possible to find out the best Wi-Fi network to connect with. So, all the time we cannot get expected speed. So in this post, I am telling you top 5 apps for Wi-Fi signal booster and best hotspot scanner apps.

Why you need a wifi booster app:-

Everyone want a top speed internet for their own purposes. A good speed internet connection helps you in many kinds of things like watching online videos without buffering and waiting. It all done just in a few seconds with good internet speed. But for better speed and wifi signal strength you need to purchase devices for boosting your wi-fi signal. But today I want to tell you about top 5 best and free wi-fi signal booster apps for android. These apps easily boost your wifi signal strength. So take a look at top 5 best apps to boost wi-fi signal.

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#1.Wifi analyzer:-

Wi-Fi analyzer is a great tool to show the Wi-Fi channels around you. You can simply turn your android device into Wi-Fi analyzer by downloading this tool. It shows you less crowded Wi-Fi channel  for your device. All the information is shown in a graphical manner. Simply choose the best frequency Wi-Fi channel and connect with that channel. This app also shows you the strength of the Wi-Fi channel.

[appbox googleplay com.farproc.wifi.analyzer]

 #2. Wi-Fi manager:-

Like Wi-Fi manager is also a great tool for analyzing best Wi-Fi channel for your device. Just find, connects and manage Wi-Fi networks. You can simply improve your connection quality with the help of radar. It also discovers open networks around you. Simply open the app and scan the nearby network. After finding suitable Wi-Fi network, tap and connect with that Wi-Fi channel. You can also add your favorite Wi-Fi networks as a widget at the home screen.

[appbox googleplay org.kman.WifiManager ]

#3.Wifi signal strength:-

Wifi signal strength is another great and powerful Wi-fi app for Android. Wifi signal strength boosts your Wi-fi network signal on Android up to the certain distance. It also lets you choose the best network with highest signal strength. It also allows you to check the strength of your current Wifi network.It helps you to discover and boost your Wi-fi network.

[appbox googleplay com.northbridge.wifisignalstrength ]

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#4.Internet Booster and optimizer:-

Internet Booster and the optimizer is another great android tool for optimizing your Wi-fi network. It does not require any addition permission to run. This app improves your Wi-fi signal strength and optimizes it so that you enhance more speed. It is the best app which simply speed up your browser speed. It does not matter whether you are on a Wi-fi network or any mobile network, it boosts your internet speed by a series of commands and optimizes it.

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[appbox googleplay us.ab.internetbooster.optimizator]

#5.Open signal Wifi Map, Speed Test:-

Ope signal Wifi map, the speed test is one of the best apps to find out open Wifi hotspot location in your area. It also improves the signal strength of all type of Wi-fi network. It helps you to map cellular coverage, find Wi-fi hotspots and improve your Wi-fi signal speed. Open signal Wifi map have a compass that points you in the direction your signal is coming from, just walk toward it and you’ll able to find the best Wi-fi network in your location and connect it.

[appbox googleplay com.staircase3.opensignal]


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