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7 stunning WhatsApp Tricks you Probably Don’t Know

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7 stunning WhatsApp Tricks you Probably Don’t Know:-

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Hello friends, as we all know, over billion of people use WhatsApp every day. In fact, WhatsApp is the major messaging app used worldwide. It is one of the most accepted messengers till date. WhatsApp is used at home, office, bank or many other places for receiving messages and sending the message. Also, it is used to send or receive audio, video or documents etc. It just now a daily habit which is hard to get shattered. So, in this post, I am telling you Top 7 stunning WhatsApp tricks you probably don’t know.


Whatsapp has a friendly interface and easy to use so we use its Little features that are well-known. But after reading this post you can use your WhatsApp as a cool person. WhatsApp has many great features that people don’t know i.e. replaying a comment, mute or using the different font. So read the post till end:-

7 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for All:-

Hey, all these tricks working fine on Android but not sure about iOs, Windows. Whatsapp also announced video calling feature that working in beta version so it first launched in Windows and then in Android.

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#1. Mute Chats of any Groups:-

People using WhatsApp always joined Whatsapp group. Some of them are useful or some of them are damn unholy. So if want to get rid of these type of group without exiting just mute that group chat.

Just select the Chat or group you don’t to receive the message from and tap on the mute icon. Now select don’t show notification option, otherwise you will get pinged every time whenever the new message arrives in the group. That all!

#2. Using different fonts:-

You can change your font style whenever you want in WhatsApp without installing any app. Just look at steps below:-

  • Bold:- *I’m bold text* (Text b/w two stars automatically get bold)
  • Strike:- ~I’m strike~ (Text b/w two (~) automatically get the strike.
  • Italic:- _I’m italic_ (Text b/w (_) automatically get italic.
  • Teletype:- “`I’m Teletype”` (Text b/w two (“`) automatically get Teletype.

Just start using these cool code in your messenger and become a Pro WhatsApp user.

#3. Add contact shortcut:-

Whatsapp helps us to speed up our Whatsapp conversation. By Whatsapp, we simply add our favorite Whatsapp contact or group straight to our home screen. On Android, it simple and easy, Just long press on the group or contact you want to create a shortcut. Now, tap on the left corner and tap on add chat shortcut option. This will create a shortcut of that contact directly on your home screen. Now, no need to open WhatsApp all time. Simply, choose your contact directly  from home screen and start the conversation.

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#4. Tag someone in WhatsApp:-

Tagging is the best way to get the attention of that particular person. Facebook allows us to tag someone in our photo, post to get the attention of that person. But,now it is possible to tag other members of a WhatsApp group in order to get their attention. To tag someone in WhatsApp group to get their attention, simply type @ and select the contact from the list that appears.

#5. Edit image and add emoji:-

After the latest update of WhatsApp, we can doodle on and edit the picture before sending them. Just open any conversation, tap on camera icon next to the text-entry field as usual and select image from the gallery. Now chose new icons at the top right of the display to add a sticker, enter text or draw a doodle. After editing just tap on send. That’s Cool! A feature of WhatsApp.

#6. Disable read receipt (bluetick sign):-

After reading someone message in WhatsApp it automatically changes to blue tick from the white tick. It means that person read your message and this is the cool feature to know whether the person read our message or not. Also, you can disable read receipt, notified by those blue ticks. Just go to settings>privacy>untick read receipt. That’all nobody knows whether you are online or read their message. But you won’t able to see ‘read recipients’ from another person.

#7. Hide your last seen:-

By default, WhatsApp lets everyone know your last time you used the app. But you can change it to everyone, my contact or nobody from setting in a menu bar. By default it set to everyone but you can change it from setting. Just go to settings >Account> privacy. Now change your last seen, profile photo and status setting.

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