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VIVO IPL 2017 Match Prediction & Winners

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VIVO IPL 2017 Match prediction and winners
VIVO IPL 2017 Match prediction and winners
VIVO IPL 2017 Match prediction and winners

IPL 2017 SRH VS RCB 1st Match Prediction:-

This is the first match of VIVO IPL 2017, we can say this match more than the 1st match of Indian Premier League because last year both teams play the final match for the trophy. In that match, SRH won the match and RCB lose that match. Virat Kohli and AB DE Villiers will not play today due to injury so it is interesting to see what will be gonna happen in this match. On the second hand, SRH will be seen full of form and looking forward to winning this match.

Winner Prediction SRH vs RCB: – SRH wins this match.

IPL 2017 RPS VS MI 2nd Match Prediction:-

It is difficult to predict that who is gonna win that match. Because Mumbai Indians play in their hometown that’s why they have crowd sport and plus home ground experience. On the other hand, Rising Pune Supergiants is full of experienced players. One thing is sure that this match will be more interesting and enjoyable. As the records say they won one match each out of two matches heads to head. The question is whom are you supporting in RPS vs MI on 6th April 2017 Match. Please leave a comment as your guess. Here we have made our prediction for the second match of VIVO IPL 2017 Rising Pune Supergiants (RPS) vs Mumbai Indians (MI).

Winner Prediction RPS vs MI: – RPS wins the match.

IPL 2017 GL vs KKR 3rd Match Prediction:-

As we saw, Gujarat Lions is Balanced side than KKR. GL is on the top of leagues table in the previous IPL season 2016. Gujarat Lions also defeat KKR on both the match of IPl 2016. So what are you think who will win GL vs KKR? GL or KKR? Whom are you supporting Gujarat or Kolkata? So comment your prediction in the comment box. This match will be played on 7th April 2017 at Rajkot.
Winner Predication GL vs KKR: – KKR Win

IPL 2017 KXIP vs RPS 4th Match Prediction:-

Both teams have lots more to prove in this IPL season. Rising Pune Supergiants players have injury issue in 2017. R. Ashwin is out of the VIVO IPL Seasons. But, expect that RPS is much more balanced sides than KXIP. So both teams played at the new venue and conditions played important roles in this match. So comment who do you think will win KXIP vs RPS?

Winner Prediction KXIP vs RPS: – KXIP Won

IPL 2017 RCB VS DD 5th Match Prediction:-

It is always difficult to predict the right things that gonna happen. We can only predict on the facts. The facts said that DD won the match if Virat Kohli and Lokesh Rahul not playing in the match because Virat Kohli is a Strong point in their team and Lokesh Rahul is a great opener as we see in the previous matches of Lokesh Rahul. But on the other hand, if we talk about the fact, RCB is looking great because they are very close in their first match. So comment below Who will Win: RCB vs DD? Comment your favorite team who will IPL 2017?

Winner Predication RCB vs DD: – RCB Won

IPL 2017 SRH VS GL 6th Match Prediction:-

If we take a look at the previous match of SRH every player looks in the form and coordination between the team is very good. Yuvraj Singh is looking in the good shape and ready to hit another Fifty but this time it is against Gujarat Lions. Gujarat Lions is full of experience batsman and bowler that makes it hard to predict the winner of the sixth match. What do you think who will gonna be the winner of this match? Will GL successful in taking his revenge of three losses? OR will SRH successful in making his streak to 4 wins.

Winner Predication SRH vs GL: – SRH Won

IPL 2017 MI VS KKR 7th Match Prediction:-

If we take a look at the previous matches of these both teams then one thing is very clear that KKR is in full of form. But for MI their top order is not performing very well. If Hardik Pandya is not successful in making a score then it is very bad for Mumbai Indians. On the other hand, KKR chases a very big score with the ease that makes this match very interesting.

Winner Prediction MI vs KKR: – MI won.

IPL 2017 KXIP VS RCB 8th Match Prediction:-

The head to head matches between these two teams tells a lot of things to the peoples. In head to head matches, KXIP won 10 matches on the other hand RCB only won 8 matches against KXIP. But in the last 5 T20 matches, RCB won 3 matches and KXIP won only 2 matches. In the previous match of KXIP Glenn Maxwell is looking in the form and may hit some big hits during the match with RCB but if Virat Kohli and AB DE Villiers return then chance of Winning RCB is raise.

Winner Prediction KXIP vs RCB: – KXIP wins.

IPL 2017 RPS VS DD 9th Match Prediction:-

The head to head matches between these two teams is one sided. RPS won the 2 matches that were played between these teams that mean here is one losing point for DD. But that is not it, DD is now full of courage and wants to take the revenge of its two losses. DD lose his first Match in VIVO IPL 2017 against RCB by just 15 runs.

Winner Prediction RPS vs DD: – RPS wins.

IPL 2017 MI VS SRH 10th Match Prediction:-

Let’s take a look at the history When these teams play head to head against each other. Both teams played 8 matches head to head, from these 8 matches 4 matches won by MI and 4 matches won by SRH. But in last 5 T20 matches MI won 3 matches where SRH only won 2 matches.

Winner Prediction MI vs SRH: – SRH wins.

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IPL 2017 KKR VS KXIP 11th Match Prediction:-

These both teams looks perfect in this VIVO IPL 2017, this is one of the very hard predictions that we do. Both teams played 19 head to head matches from which 13 matches won by KKR and only 6 Matches won by KXIP. But if we talk about last 5 T20 matches then KKR won all the 5 matches. But remind that this KXIP is not the same team now.

Winner Prediction KKR vs KXIP: – KXIP wins.

IPL 2017 RCB VS MI 12th Match Prediction:-

AB DE Villiers is back on the field maybe in this Virat Kohli is back. AB DE Villiers comes in an explosive way on the field. Both RCB and MI played 19 matches head to head out of which RCB won 8 matches and 11 matches won by MI. In last 5 T20 matches, RCB won 1 match and MI won 4 matches.

Winner Prediction RCB vs MI: – If Virat Kohli plays then RCB wins if not then MI wins.

IPL 2017 GL VS RPS 13th Match Prediction:-

Both teams played 2 matches head to head from which GL won both the matches. But we can not say that RPS is a weak team. RPS is full of experienced player that played very well. But let’s see what happen on that day when the match is gonna happen in real.

Winner Prediction GL vs RPS: – RPS wins.

IPL 2017 KKR VS SRH 14th Match Prediction:-

SRH won their two matches in the IPL we all want that the streak will not break here. On the other side, KKR wins one matches out of two and Chris Lynn is not so well due to injury. Let’s see what happen next. 

Winner Prediction KKR vs SRH: – SRH wins.

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IPL 2017 DD VS KXIP 15th Match Prediction:-

In the head to head matches total 18 matches played by both teams from which 8 matches won by DD and 10 matches won by KXIP. But in last 5 T20 matches, 3 matches won by DD and 2 matches won by KXIP.

Winner Prediction DD vs KXIP: – KXIP wins

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