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Top most watched sports event

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#1.WWE-(World Wrestling Entertainment)-

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WWE is the one of the most watched sports on the sports entertainment industry. The main event in WWE history is WWE Wrestlemania  which is held once in a year(mid –March to early April). WWE WrestleMania is the professional pay per view event held by WWE every year. It will serve all over the world and millions of the people watched it. WWE WrestleMania is also known as “the showcase of the legends or “The grandest stage of them all”. WWE put all their best to make this event successful. Besides this, many shows of this sports entertainment are also telecast in a week and people loved to watch it. Mainly Monday night raw and Thursday night’s smackdown are telecasted each week. It’s trending in Twitter and Facebook etc. Its TRP level of WWE always is high so it is the top watched sports in the world.

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#2.FIFA-(Federation Internationale de Football Association)-

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Fédération Internationale de Football Association is the second world most watched sports event in the sports history. It held after five years later. This event related to the football game. All over the world, this sports event has a special joy. This event is the great trending due to its time period. All focus on making it so special all team of FIFA make it successful and they take all good things they have in it. This is started 111 years ago.

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#3.NBA-(National Basketball Association)-

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NBA is the National Basketball Association. NBA is related to the basketball sport. NBA is founded in 1946. 30 teams make a part in this. This is the third most watched sports event in the world. NBA playoff begins in the late April. Due to the participation of many countries in this sports event that makes it so popular and most-watched a sports event in the world. 29 The United States and 1 Canada team take part in this event. So it is also the most watched event in all over around the world.

#4.UFC-(Ultimate Fighting Championship)-

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Ultimate Fighting Championship is another sports event most watched in the world. UFC is related to mixed martial arts. Most of the professional martial arts player or top ranked fighters take part in this sport. The organization showcases mainly nine weight divisions. UFC has held 300 events to date. A huge amount of prize was given to the fighters. So fighters give their best to gain popularity as well as prize amount. Hence, it is the world’s most-watched sports event.

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#5.IPL-(Indian Premier League)-

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Indian Premier League it the last top most-watched a sports event in the world. It is served all over the world. IPL is related to cricket. In the IPL, many players of the different nation are selected as a team and play for their team. It is mostly watched a sports event in the world. Due to the players chosen across the world. All countries want to see the performance of their player in the IPL. The players are chosen by bidding in this event. This event runs about 1-2 months so it is very popular among all age’s people. This makes it most-watched a sports event in the world.


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