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Top 7 Interesting facts about Roman Reigns

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Roman reigns is popularly known as Leati joseph “Joe” Anoa ‘I’. Roman Reigns is the rising superstar of the WWE industry. He is also known as ‘The Shield enforcer’ ‘the Juggernaut’ ‘The Big Dog’ ‘The Muscle of Shield’ or ‘ The Thorough Dog’. Reigns join WWE in 2010 but take part in WWE main roster in 2012. Roman reign is the leader of ‘The shield’ composed of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. He has many feats in WWE like winning Florida tag team champion with his partner Mike Dalton and winning WWE tag team championship with Seth Rollins. Also he winner of royal rumble 2015. But there are many facts that you didn’t know about WWE superstar roman reigns.So in this article, i am telling you top 7 Interesting facts about Roman Reigns.

#1.Record in Royal Rumble-

Roman Reigns. tech5.co.in
Roman is the rising superstar or we can say he is at the peak of his career.After debuting in 2012 as a shield member Roman reigns participating in his first royal rumble in 2014.But he loses the royal rumble.But he setup an record of eliminating a most number of the superstar in a single royal rumble match. Roman reigns eliminate 12 superstars in the royal rumble 2014. But after 2014 he participates in royal rumble 2015 and successfully won the royal rumble 2015. Roman reign breaks Kane’s record long standing in the royal rumble. Roman reigns also break the Steve Austin 10 elimination and hulk hogan 9 elimination in the royal rumble.

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Roman Reigns is a looking tough and a serious superstar in WWE industry.But in real he is soft-hearted, good person and a family man. Roman Reigns married to her college mate Galine Becker in 2014 and they also have a young daughter named Jolle born in 2008.Roman Reigns don’t hesitate to introduce her sweet heart. During WrestleMania Xxx and hall of fame, he introduced her sweetheart to public.

#3.Awards and Records-

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As we already told that he setup an record of eliminating most superstar in the royal rumble. But besides that he also setup an record of winning Slammy award at very young age for superstar of the year. Slammy award is equivalent to Grammy awards and many other famous awards. Slammy awards are used to setup future superstar.But Roman Reigns also clinch many others awards i.e Breakout superstar of the year 2013. His signature move spear also grabs the “what a maneuver” of the year award.

#4.Debut match rating-

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the superstar who achieved something that no other superstars ever achieved. Re-owned wrestling expert Dave Meltzer awarded star of 4.6 rating at Roman reign debut match at TLC. No superstar have achieved this type of high rating in their debut match.

#5.Loosing match-

Roman Reigns
People don’t believe but it is a strange fact that Roman Reigns once lost to match against Damien Mizdow. Roman reign just debut in FCW and there is Mizdow excited as ‘Idol steves’. Roman reigns suffered few single loses in wrestling and this is one of those loses happened against Mizdow.

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#6.Triple H guy-

Roman Reigns
At “Art of wrestling podcast, Cm punk revealed that The Shield was his idea. CM punk wants three guys from NXT who standing alongside him. The first two member of this group is Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Cm punk wants Chris Hero who is a good friend of Cm punk as the third member of the shield but Triple h Veoted that and choose Roman Reigns as the third member of The shield.

#7.Professional career-

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns belongs to that family where all children are taught to be a wrestler. But Roman reigns started his professional career as a football player. Roman Reigns family has a rich history in wrestling and most of the family member are associated with wrestling. But Roman Reigns chose to be footballer and also competed in NFL

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