Top 7 Best Health Related Websites in India 2017 You Must Visit


Top 7 Best Health Related Websites in India 2017- If you’re looking for “best health websites in India or world” then we say you’re are at right place. Health is considered as primary things in our life. Without health, there is no value of wealth. We keep trying to do several things to keep our body healthy. But due to heavy change in lifestyle, we fail somewhere. We regularly check healthy tips on the internet to stay healthy and there are many websites on the internet that are incredibly better to provide good tips about health. So in this article, we have shared information on the Top 7 Best Health Related Websites in India. You can follow this website to stay healthy.

Health Related Websites

Top Health Related Websites-

7.Dr. Batra’s

Specialist- Hair, children health and skin related disease


Dr.Batra’s is famous website provides information about disease Related to hair, skin or any children health. It has many medical branches all over the world. Dr.Batra’s is a practice based on Homeopathy. Many happy patients are convenience with Dr.Batra medical service.

6.Only My health-

Specialization- Fitness lifestyle, eyes care, beauty and hair


Only My Health is an online Health Related Websites portal provide information about health, beauty, hair or diet. It provides information on Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle to cure disease at home. Only my health aim to provides reliable information and advice.

5.Healthy India-

Specialization- Oral and Mental Health, healthy lifestyle

Healthy India is the best website to provide reliable information about health and care. There is no other website who provides information to control disease through prevention. It provides all information on treatment of chronic disease and how to stay healthy. It is the product of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.  Healthy India provides awareness on How dangerous is tobacco and alcoholism addiction.

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Specialization – All kind of disease, consult for free.

Website –

Practo provides you the best doctor in your area. You can check all kind of details regarding your disease and do the steps to cure it. With the help of Practo, you can consult with a doctor, order medicine, view medical records, book a test and much more with some simple steps. With the help of more than 100000 doctors, you can cure any kind of disease easily whether it is oral, viral, bacterial or fungal diseases.

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