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Top 5 ways to Gain weight

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It seems like India is obsessed with loosing weight. But did you know gaining weight is also a daunting task as much as loosing fat. Looking skinny feeling sucks or very annoying. Doctors also say that having too low body weight causes many body disorders or health issues like lack of metabolism, low density of muscle or organ damaged etc. It is also true that eating too much sugars, sodas or fast food all day help in gaining weight but they also have lack of nutrition value so your body may suffers from lack of nutrition. Having too low body weight also causes heart attacks and many more diseases. Doctors recommend that people take natural nutrients and natural healthy food for gaining weight i.e fruits, fibers, juices etc. They all have high nutrients value and don’t cause any health issue or making your body healthy and fit. So in this article I am telling you Top 5 food or tips that helpful in gaining weight.

Eat more food:-

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Eat more food to gain fat in your body. Carbohydrates is a good source of energy for our body. If you don’t done much work in a day then your energy stored as a fat in your body and help you to stored fat or gain fat or weight in your body. You should also eat whole wheat products for gain weight. These products give you plus fiber, vitamins and essential minerals and carbohydrates.


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Dairy products are full of many kinds of useful minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium and ions that are essential for our body. Dairy products are full of calories but some are not they are used for reduced fat, so you will only use high fat dairy products. Drink milk, cheese and yoghurts because they are made up of milk and they have a good amount of high calories and calcium and vitamins. But be careful because high amount of body fat also increase the probability of heart attack.

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A proper exercise is good for your health because it also help you to make your body fitness with gaining fat to your body. Doing exercise is also help in losing fat but it does not mean you stop doing exercise. Lifting weights can effect your fat gain. If you are doing exercise than eat much of calories after doing exercise it help you to gain fat in a proper manner. Be sure you will do exercise daily in a proper manner that will help you. If you don’t do that it will be risk for you one day.


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A study done in recent shows that the alcohol is also help in gain fat. Because drinking also cause slowing your metabolism and some brain functioning and you get help to gain fat. Drinking is also help to consume 1000 calories in a night. If you are drinking you will get more hungry and it help you to gain fat. But drinking a good manner is good for you instead daily. If you drink daily that will be risky for your body health.


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Water is good for your health. It is good for you in both case for gaining fat and losing fat. If you eat plenty of food your toxic level in your body rise up and after that drinking it will help you to maintain your body toxic level in normal level. Drinking water also help you to digestion in food so you can eat more calories in a day and increase you body fat and gain weight. But don’t drink before getting meal it will fill your stomach with water and you don’t eat much more.

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