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Top 5 ways to boost WiFi signal

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Wifi is the primary need of the user if you surf the internet at home,office or hotels.A Wifi router has a range of 100 feet or more. But  there are many factors that decrease or lower down its strength and signal.  So there are many ways to boost your wifi signal. Boosting means increasing strength and signal of your Wifi router and stay connected with internet connection at a far distance. So below are the Top 5 ways to boost your WiFi signal.

#1. Find perfect place for your router:-

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Placement of your router at your home is a hard task. By it also boost your WiFi signal. By placing your router at a perfect place you can easily boost your WiFi signal free of cost. For better signal put your router in an open place where no obstacles are placed. So your signal is provided with good range. You can also place your router at mid of your home.
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#2. Stay away your router from metal objects and appliances:-

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Your appliances like microwave, fluorescent light disturb the signal of WiFi router. If you placed your WiFi router near to these appliances and metal objects then WiFi signal will be weak. So it will be necessary to put these devices away from these.

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#3. Use DIY trick to boost signal:-

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DIY is the simplest trick to boost your WiFi signal. You can take a metal can and cut it from both circular ends. Now cut it from middle and make its shape curved. After that put it backside of your antenna. By using this trick you can boost your WiFi signal easily.

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#4. Put password on your WiFi signal:-

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The main cause of the weakness of your WiFi signal is that many people are connected to your WiFi router. You can easily see who is using your WiFi signal by setting and using third party software. If someone is stealing your WiFi signal then put a password on it. By using the password you can protect your WiFi signal.

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#5. By using WiFi repeater:-

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WiFi router has a range 150-175 feet. But if you live in a big place then this distance is not good for you. So by using WiFi repeater you can increase your WiFi signal distance as much as you want. WiFi repeater is good for boost your WiFi signal.

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