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Top 5 way to lose weight fast

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One of the most frequently searched keywords on the internet is how to lose fat or reduced weight. Losing fat is a very difficult and daunting task. Overweight and obesity are known as fat in human. Most of the people all around the world are suffered from the obesity. Being obese causes many diseases i.e lacks of metabolism, heart attack, weak of the immune system, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. The most frequent way to lose fat is that you have the aim to lose fat. Also avoiding junk food, alcohol or many foods that contain the high amount of calories. The engulfing of a high amount of calories also causes obese. Avoiding exercise also a major cause of obesity. Sitting in a place for longer also causes obesity. So in this article, I am telling you top 5 way to lose weight fast.



Water also help to reduce body fat in our body. A new study states that the in a day if you take 2 glass more water then your metabolic activities can rise up to 30% and you can burn more calories in your body. Hence, you can lose fat by intake of water.

2.Green tea-


Green tea is known for various kind of benefits for our body one of them is to lose the body fat. A study done in recent states shows that if you take green tea three times in a day it will increase your metabolic activities 4%. If your metabolic activities increase then you burn more calories. Green tea also has some chemical that will do a good effect on your brain and metabolism it will also good for burning fat.

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3.Avoid alcohol-

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If you want to lose fat in your body like hips, thighs and belly then you want to avoid alcohol. Because a study shows that if you take alcohol then it will affect your central nervous system and also affect your metabolism activities and slow down it. Alcohol is added  high fat and increases your fat. So you take water except alcohol.

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4.Eat dairy products-

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A study done in recent shows that the consuming dairy products in the meal also reduce the body fat stored in your body. Dairy products like yogurts, cheese and much more contain calcium and it will help our body to burn fat in our body. A woman takes 70% more dairy product and they will easily lose fat. If you take three times in a day dairy products then you will surely lose fat.

5.Exercise and sports-

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If a person did a 10 minutes exercise in a day then you will surely lose fat because doing exercise also increase the metabolism activities in your body and help to burn fat faster. If you play sports in your daily life it will reduce body fats like exercise it will also increase your metabolism activities and help in burning fat. Doing exercise and  playing sports get you thirsty and help in intake more water in your body and it help you to burn fat.

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