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Top 5 useful Google chrome extension

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Google chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser for windows, Mac, and android devices. This browser is best and most popular web browser in this modern time. Every web browser comes with good features. But all that feature cannot fill the demand of all people, that’s why extension makes a web browser perfect in several ways. Today in this post I want to tell you about the top 5 useful Google chrome extension.

#1. Search preview:-

search preview tech5

Search preview is free of cost extension for Google chrome. This extension enhance your search pages by inserting preview images and links. This extension supports Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™ and DuckDuckGo™. After adding this extension in your Google chrome browser, when you search for your web pages this extension shows you the inner view of that web page without opening that web page.

#2. Search by image(By Google):-

Search by image tech5

Search by image extension allows you originate your Google search using any image on the web. This is done by the Google images team. First of all, you have to download it from Google chrome web store. This extension is free of cost. After installing it you are able to search any image by dropping it or upload it to the search bar. You also able to search similar images.

#3. Office editing for docs, sheets & slides:-

office editing for docs, sheets & slides tech5

This extension is also free of cost. If you are an employee or private job worker then this extension is very useful for you. This extension allows you to view and edit any Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint files with Google docs, sheets, and slides. After installing this extension in your Google chrome you are able to open your files without installing office. You can also save your files after editing it in any format you want.

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Note- This extension is already installed on your Chrome OS by default.

#4. Google mail checker:-

google mail checker tech5

Google mail checker is also a useful extension for your Chrome web browser. BT using this extension you are able to see unread messages in your Google mail inbox. You can also open your mail in it. But to use this extension properly you have to log in your Google account in it. The icon present near to the URL area shows you Gmail icon that tells you about unread massege as shown in a picture below.

#5. Grammarly spell checker & grammar checker:-

grammarly spell checker & grammar checker

This extension is the best ever extension for those who love writing articles and blogs. This extension provides you a better way to write most correctly and effectively. Adding this extension in your browser means you write every single word mistake free everywhere you write. This extension is trusted by millions of user worldwide.

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