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Top 5 must know Tech hacks to make your life easy

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Modern technology is developing day by day. With this development, dependence on technology might be increasing. You might across many tech related issue on a daily basis. Modern technology solves your many basic problems but raises many issues related to tech i.e. CD, DVD scratches, phone display scratches or problem-related with speaker etc. These problems are so simple,but due to lack of information, we cannot resolve it. We spent money for these simple problems. So in this post, I am telling you top 5 tech hacks to makes your life easy. The solution is simple so that you can try it at home. So look at the post below:-

5 must know Tech hacks to make your life easy:-

#1. Glass as a speaker:-

 tech hacks speaker in glass tech hacks

As we know, Some phone have poor audio quality and doesn’t amplify the sound output. So if you want to amplify your sound output of your mobile speaker,simply place into a glass. This will produce a speaker like an effect.

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#2. Sunglasses as stand:-

 tech hacks sunglasses-as-stand

We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from direct rays of the sun.  But we can use sunglasses as the stand of mobiles. There are different phone stands available in the market for each model. The price of this stand may be different from high to higher. But there is a trick so that you can make the phone stand at home. You can use sunglasses to make the stand of your mobiles as shown in the image.

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#3. Rid of scratches from Cd or DVD:-

 tech hacks banana-peel-as-cd-scrathes-remover

Scratch is the major cause for crashing any CD or DVDs. But you can rid of scratches on CDs at home using Banana peel. Just take the banana peel and rub the inside of  CD or DVDs scratches. After applying this trick, you get a rendering result. Just try it and get rid of scratches from CD or DVDs.

#4. Use fridge to extend the battery life:-

 tech hacks fridge-battery

You can extend the battery life by just putting it in a fridge for a day before you actual use them. This will not only extend battery life but also increase the performance of your battery. This is the best way to increase battery life.

#5. Eraser for vanish scratches:-


We use an eraser to erase something written on a page. But you can also use the eraser to get rid of ugly scratches lie on your laptop or desktop screen.Just take an eraser and rub on the screen until the scratch disappears. This makes your screen look smooth and clear.

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