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Top 5 shampoo brand for women

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The shampoo is one of the essential parts of all person life. The shampoo is part of hygiene routine. The shampoo is used to remove dirt from the hair. Also, shampoo is used to remove dirt, skin dead scalps and environmental pollutants from the hair of the person, Without proper hygiene of your hair person may loose their hair and cause baldness. Women hair so long and complex so they need much more care than men.

All Shampoo come in different various variants but women have to choose according to their hair type i.e. silky or oily. Indian market is full of shampoo so if you choose a low budget local shampoo without reading ingredient used in the shampoo may harmful for your hair. So the best option to take care of your hair is to choose the best quality of shampoo.

Shampoo is used for removing dandruff, other may help you to make hair dry or darken and some added volume to your hair. So due to available of many shampoos in the market, I make a list of Top 5 best shampoo brand of women. All shampoo is most sold shampoo in India and also in Foreign country also. So look at the post below:-

#1. L’oreal professional shampoo:-


L’oreal is a French company. L’oreal is the world’s largest company in manufacturing shampoo or other skin products. L’oreal professional shampoo helps your hair to shine well and make your hair strong. L’oreal shampoo has a good property for repair your damaged hair. L’oreal shampoo assures you vitality, strength, shining of your hairs. L’oreal professional shampoo also acts as two in one. It works as a shampoo as well as a conditioner also. After using loreal professional shampoo your hair becomes silky and shiny.

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#2. TRESemme shampoo:-

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TRESemme brand is well loved in French.TRESemme spa rejuvenation shampoo gives you benefits like a spa at home. You can nourish your scalp and make them strong by using TRESemme shampoo. For dull and dry hairs, its hydrating formula is the best way to nourish your hair. After using TRESemme shampoo and conditioner you will see the immediate change in your hair quality. This shampoo contains essential nutrients to deeply nourish your hair scalp.

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#3. Clinic Plus:-

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Clinic Plus is a very popular shampoo brand in India for women. Clinic Plus has a huge popularity in Indian market. Clinic Plus shampoo comes with many another variant like health, anti-dandruff and naturals. Clinic Plus shampoo reduce hair fall up to 90%. Clinic Plus shampoo is made up with milk protein formula. Clinic Plus shampoo makes your hair long and strong in continuous use. It milk protein formula nourish your hair and left a fragrance last long.

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#4. Dove damage therapy shampoo:-


Dove makes a huge variety of products for women and shampoo is one of them. Dove is one of the biggest brands for making skin care products. Dove damage therapy intensive repair shampoo is one of the best shampoo for men. This shampoo contains essential nutrients to repair your hair from the scalp and nourish them. It is proven that it’s formulation and quality help to reduce hair fall. Dove shampoo contains a micro moisture serum that helps to nourish your hair.

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#5. Head and shoulders shampoo:-


Head and shoulders are one of the leading brands for making shampoo for women. About 50% of women facing the problem of dandruff and hair fall. Head and shoulders are one the best shampoo brand having anti-dandruff and anti hair fall features in their shampoo. It also prevents from an itchy scalp. After using head and shoulders shampoo your hair become silky and shiny. By all these features this shampoo is proved as no. one anti-dandruff shampoo.

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