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Top 5 Lifestyle Apps You Must Have

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Top 5 Lifestyle Apps You Must Have

Top 5 lifestyle apps you must have:-

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps You Must Have

Whether you want to check your fashion style or lifestyle, make the life changing decision, or you want to discover something new. These new apps will help you a lot. These apps improve your living way and also left a great effect on you. Now let’s take a look at top 5 lifestyle apps you must have.

#1. Sonam Kapoor:-

sonam kapoor lifestyle

With an outstanding rating of 4.5 out of 5, this app is standing at no. 1 in my list. You can discover the world of Sonam Kapoor with this app and get a VIP pass to know what is happening in Sonam Kapoor lives. This app featuring Sonam Kapoor behind the scenes photos and videos exclusively to you. You can also see the movie premiere and photoshoot or much more with this app. Get fashion tips and makeup tips directly from the Sonam Kapoor. Find out all Sonam routine and nutrition.

#2. Shuffle My Life – Things To Do:-

shuffle my life lifestyle

Now you can find new things to do with Shuffle My Life app and beat your boredom. You can discover new places, hobbies, people and track your daily routine with this app. Now become more skilled, spontaneous and social. This app contains hundred of a task with many more contents. You can submit ideas for new tasks, if your task is loved by developer then it will add in the app. With it, card packs feature you can live a happy life.

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#3. Writeaday – 5-minute diary:-

writeaday lifestyle app

Now it’s the time of technology, that’s why Aday Labs brings a new app Writeaday especially for you. Now you don’t need a paper or pen to write a diary. You just need this app, with the help of this app you can write journal, diary and much more. This app is enabled with the rainbow color every day you get a new color on your sheet when you write something in your daily routine in this app. This feature motivates you to wrote more every day. You can save your notes, tips and tutorials lecture in it easily. It is not just an app it is your partner that helps you a lot.

#4. My affirmations: live positive:-

my affirmations live positive lifestyle app

With a rating of 4.6 out 5 by thousands of people, this app will make your lifestyle something special. The thing you want more one day it became reality. Your life is your creation. Then you have to do the best thing for you. With the help of this app, you can get positive affirmations in your daily routine, that help you to get positive motivation. This app comes with many categories, you can select one for you that suits you. You can also add categories and affirmations in this app. This app helps you to edit affirmations also.

#5. No More! Quit your addictions:-

no more quit your addictions lifestyle app

This app helps you to get rid of your addictions and support you to defeat them. Now you can become a better one with this app. It does not matter which bad habits affect you like drinking, smoking, watching porn videos and more. This app is specially made for you to help you in becoming a better you. You can see your progress, how much you will improve day by day in your routine. With lots of quotes, this app gives your instant motivation on the go. You can lock and unlock this app very easily that keeps your privacy to you.

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