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Top 5 health benefits of Avocado

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Avocado is one of the good fruit according to health benefits. It can help you to improve your skin and lose weight. Avocado also helps you to lower the risk of many dangerous diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. That’s why this fruit is known as one of the healthiest fruit. This fruit also helps you to cure high blood pressure and it is also good for pregnant women. So today I want to tell you top 5 health benefits of avocado.

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#1. Avocado Prevent from cancer:-

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Avocado is a good source of antioxidant carotenoid. These antioxidants prevent your body from the cancerous cells and help in defence against numerous disease. It contains a good amount of vitamin C and E. These vitamins are known as good against many cancer diseases. Vitamin C is known as protective against many kinds of nonhormonal cancer disease. It shows more effective when you take it with food in the place supplement. Vitamin E is good again breast cancer. So a good amount of avocado helps you prevent from cancer.

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#2. Benefits for pregnant women:-

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Avocado is also proven a good fruit and healthy fruit for the pregnant women. Thus, fruit is good for pregnant women due to a high concentration of folic acid in it. The vitamin B present in avocado is helpful for women. At the time of pregnancy deficiency of vitamin B cause some birth defects, so doctor advice to take a rich amount of folic acid for it. And it is the best fruit for that due to a high concentration of folic acid. Vitamin K is also found in this fruit that also helpful for pregnant women.

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#3. Skin benefits:-

How to Get Great Skin: Beauty Tips from Women with Healthy Skin

Avocado contain monosaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids help to improve your skin. These fatty acids also help you to maintain the moisture of your skin that makes your skin soft and smooth. The fat present in avocado help from redness of skin and irritation. A good diet of this fruit helps you to protect from acne and blackhead. It also helps your skin from wrinkles and signs of aging.

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#4. Prevent from Cardiovascular disease:-

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The monosaturated fatty acids present in avocado help you to prevent from cardiovascular disease because poly-saturated fatty acids lead to cardiovascular disease. A study shows that the eating this fruit many decrease the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol. This help to lower risk of cardiovascular disease because LDL cholesterol leads them. So by all this we know that this fruit prevents us from cardiovascular disease.

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#5. Help in weight loss:-

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One of the shocking health benefits of avocado is that it help us in weight loss. A several study shows that the monosaturated fatty acid present in avocado is good for our body because it burns slowly and steadily than other poly-saturated fatty acids. Thus, this fruit helps us in burning fat. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are rich in fats but help us in weight loss. It makes feel our stomach being full and helps us for weight loss. By all these health benefits of avocado. These fruits make our life healthier and happier.

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