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Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse You Must Buy 2017

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The invention makes our life easy. All of us don’t know how gadgets change our daily life. Every day we use lots of gadgets. Here are in this video I am telling you about Top 5 Crazy Inventions Gaming Mouse You NEED To See For CHRISTMAS Gift.

#5. Quantified gaming – NAOS QG:-

NAOS QG is the first smart gaming mouse that tracks your body reactions and provides you insights of body reaction performance. This mouse has the inbuilt sensor that tracks your biometric information. It also shows you the in-game visualization. NAOS QG also has a GaLvanic Skin Response Sensor. It has four layers of rubber that give you maximum grip and natural touch. This mouse comes with 7 buttons.


  • Angle snapping.
  • Open developer APIs.
  • Customizable LED lighting system.
  • Right Handed ergonomic palm grip.
  • 7 fully programmable buttons.
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#4. Zcan Wireless scanner mouse/ the world 1st wireless scanner mouse/ OCR:-

Zcan wireless is a 2 in 1 productivity tool. Just by few swipes, users can scan texts, tables or even images and edit them right away in Microsoft word, Excel or any other application. It supports 199 OCR languages that allow users to translate in Google Translate. You can also share your scanned images instance on Facebook, twitter or any other social platform. It doesn’t matter what you want to scan i.e Receipt, Recipe and kids hand drawing, Tax report with Zcan wireless. It makes your work more convenient than ever.Zcan wireless has integrated the technology of scanner, computer mouse, and small gadgets. This mouse helps you to scan and you do not really need to worry about the place for to do scanning or the size of material you want to scan. Zcan wireless has won the “My Favourite Stationery Award 2015: in the Hong kong.

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  • Easy to use and support 199 OCR Languages.
  • Scan printed text from books, newspaper and editable right away from MS Word document.
  • Scan material like the receipt, receive kids handwriting and share on facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and email instantly.
  • OCR identifies foreign languages and uses Google translate for instant translations.
  • Need internal or external Wifi and compatible with Mac or Windows.
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#3. ODiN Aurora-The World First Projection Mouse:-

ODiN presents you a whole new experience with computer and mouse. It is world fastest laser projection mouse and uses for daily habits like designing and gaming work or that you need in routine. It is light and easy to carry and must have gadget for computers and laptops. It is designed fo project area and supports multipoint controls. It has a responsive design with smoother net surfing and gaming experience. It involves low CPU loading and three fingers to click, avail scroll, and zoom.available for both window and Mac.

  • It is world fastest laser projection mouse using infrared technology.
  • Gesture control.
  • No requirement of a physical sensing component.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Turns any surface into a track Pad.
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#2. Swiftpoint GT:-

The Swiftpoint GT is the first mouse that allows touch gesture with a natural finger.This Mouse helps you a lot in the productivity in Microsoft Word and excel as well as other offices and content creation applications. The GT has a unique ergonomic design. This design gives a perfect grip that other small mice don’t give you. You can also take this mouse wherever you want to go.

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  • Small Size.
  • Gesture Control & connect TO any device wirelessly.
  • Easy to carry in traveling.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Rechargeable using any USB device.
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#1. Visenta Recon-YSN Bluetooth foldable Bluetooth Foldable Surface Edition ARC TOUCH Style Mouse, 180 degrees Black:-

It is the world’s first 180-degree full fold mouse, foldable design or inspired by the human spine and good reconfigurable body. It is more flexible choices on both the appearance and functionalities as compared with normal shaped mice. It has and switches embedded on the recon keel that automatically turns the device on while bending and off while straightening. It bends at 180 degrees and 4.0 Bluetooth connection. As we know Bluetooth connectivity is widely diffused built in features so Recon is compatible with Mac OS, Microsoft based PC android based tablets and more. Recon is widely suitable for scenarios whether you are using for designing, gaming or daily usage.


  • Fully foldable at 180 degrees.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection, no driver needed and just plug and play.
  • Optical mouse with 2 buttons, click right and lift buttons and hold for 3 seconds for changing Dpis.
  • Auto turns on/off with power saving technology, the mouse will turn off automatically without motion and click within 3 minutes.
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    Top 5 Cool Crazy Inventions That You Need Daily

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