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Top 5 Face wash brand in India for Men and Women

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Hi friends, today most of the people don’t care for their skin. The amount of pollution and pollutants particles increase in enormous number day by day and it affects men and women both skin. Due to this person always facing a number of various skin related diseases. Daily people wake up in the morning and wash their skin with normal soap.

Soap is good for your hand to wash out germs and bacteria and also hands skin is hard and very tough so the soap doesn’t cause any infection or irritation but you cannot use it for face cleansing. Soap make your skin become dry and also if your skin is sensitive it causes the breakout or cause allergy to your skin. In this case, a question arises what’s people or men/women do now? So the answer is using a good face wash.

Different companies have the different face wash that people used but choosing best in the market is the very daunting task because the presence of too many face wash brand. The major benefit of these products is that it remove oil from skins, dirt and remove dead skin cells also remove contamination that occurs during the day or midnight.

Using face wash during early morning is good practicing for washing your skin. But also if u use face wash much time during the day it causes acne or skin problem so uses it limited amount i.e twice a day. So in this article, I am telling you top 5 face wash brand that cares your skin and also provide dirt-free skin. Also, good face wash makes your skin glow and bright. 

Top 5 Face wash:- 


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#1. Lakme:-

lakme tech5

Lakme is the number one brand in skin care products. Lakme face wash contains some skin friendly ingredients like vitamin B3, vitamin E, vitamin C. This vitamin makes skin fair, smooth, lighter and healthier. These remove dirt and oil from the skin.

#2. Garnier:-

Garnier tech5

Garnier is the biggest and most popular name in skin products brands. Garnier’s face pack help skin in glowing and make lighten. Garnier’s face pack also help to remove dark spots. It has the ability to remove the oil and dirt from skin. This product is used for all skin type.

#3. Neutrogena:-

neutrogena naturals tech5

Neutrogena is a leading brand in skin care products. It has a huge variety of skin products. Neutrogena contains vitamin C, It is the essential ingredient to make skin soft and lighten. Regular use of this product helps your skin to become smooth and healthy.

#4. Himalaya:-

Himalaya tech5

Himalaya is the most popular face wash brand in India. This brand is especially known for their beauty products. Himalaya face wash contains all pure and natural ingredients. It’s ingredients make tighten open pores and make skin healthy. This product removes dirt and oil. That makes skin brighter and softer. This product comes for all skin type.

#5. Clean & clear:-

Clean and Clear tech5

Clean & clear is last face wash brand in my list. Clean & Clear Face wash contain natural ingredients like multi vitamin and cherry extract. This skin care product has the ability to remove oil and make skin fair in regular use.

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