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Top 5 Best Smelling Deodorant for men in India 2017

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Top 5 Best Smelling Deodorant for men in India 2017.Hello friends if you are looking for “Top 5 Best Deodorant for men in India 2017” then we must say you are at right place.All of us know that deodorants have taken a very important place in our life. Deodorants conceal unpleasant smell, especially remove body odor. So people use it daily to prevent the sweat smell, body odor. Deodorants keep the person fresh and odor free all day long. You may also like  women deodorant Top 5 best deodorant brand for women in India

As the demand of deodorant increasing by the passage of time. Many domestic and international company stand their products in the Indian market. Due to this, the market has a huge variety of deodorants products and it is difficult to find the best deodorant in the market. So here is  the list of top 5 popular deodorants for men in India listed below:-

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Top 5 Best Smelling Deodorant for men in India 2017:-

#1. Nivea Men-

Smelling Deodorant

Nivea is on the 1st no. of Best long lasting deodorant in India. Nivea is a global skin and body Care brand. It is founded in 1882. Nivea word has come from a Latin word meaning “Snow White” Nivea manufactures deodorant for both men and women. Nivea men deodorant is long lasting deodorant and it is a sports deodorant. It is refreshing original with citrus and woody notes. Citrus keeps you cool and fresh all day. You can carry a deodorant bottle to your bag, office bag and etc. Other variants of Nivea Deodorant are:-

#2. Park avenue signature voyage-

Smelling Deodorant

Park Avenue is at no.2 spot in our list of popular and best deodorant.Park Avenue is a body Care product company. It offers many types of deodorant and perfume for men. Park Avenue is under the Raymond company so it is highly famous. Park Avenue Signature voltage has a good smell. It has a fresh fragrance that keeps the person cool and fresh. Park Avenue Signature voltage has a strong fragrance that keeps away you from bad smells. Some variant of park avenue deodorant are:-

#3. Axe dark temptation-

Smelling Deodorant

Axe brand is founded in 1983  as a deodorant. It is a good deodorant. Axe has a long lasting fragrance that keeps the body odor away and keeps you fresh all day.You feel cool and refresh all time when you use it and also it is safe on skin. Axe has many other variants available. Some variant of Axe deodorant are:-

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