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Top 5 chatting app for Android

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In the modern time online chatting or telecommunications is the easiest way  to connect with yours friends, family members and relatives. Some applications provides you to video calling, calling, text messaging, sending pictures and much more. Most of the official and business works are also done by telecommunications. we can connect the people easily if he/she will be lived in other state and country. Here i will be show you the top 5 chatting app for android or telecommunication apps that will be listed below:-

1. Fb messenger-


Fb messenger is used for instant messaging. It will be run in your Android or smartphone platforms. It is also come for your personal computer. You can send image, videos by the messenger to your friend who use the fb messenger or Facebook. It has also a calling feature by this you can call your friend who is online. It will consume your packet data not your balance. Now a days Facebook add the video calling feature in their fb messenger. You can download this from Google play store.


2. Skype-

skype- tech5.co.in

Skype is telecommunications application by this you can chat, make a voice call or a video chat with you family members or your friends. Skype is made up by a fastest growing company Microsoft. It was made in August, 2003. It also come in 38 different languages. By using Skype all the calls and video chat are free of cost only your data packet will be used or which type of type of internet connection you will used. It will also come for Windows, Macintosh, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPad and other smartphone. You can download .apk file from Google play store.


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3. Viber-

Viber- tech5.co.in

Viber is a fastest growing telecommunications application. Viber has a instant messaging and voice calling facility. You can also send the high quality pictures to your friends or relatives. The voice calling from Viber are free of cost it will only use your mobile packet data or your internet connection. It also come with many stickers. Viber is made by Viber Media in December 2, 2010. It will also come for your Windows, BlackBerry, Macintosh, iPhone and Android smartphone etc. You can download .apk file from Google play store.


4. WhatsApp-

WhatsApp- tech5.co.in

WhatsApp is a fastest growing telecommunications application. You can send messages, pictures, videos and create groups with your friends or family members. You can also run it in your computer by using WhatsApp web. It will require that your mobile have a working data connection. It is made up by WhatsApp Inc. It is owned by Facebook. It is fastest growing in India and many other countries. Now a days WhatsApp also include voice calling facility in their application. You can download .apk file for your Android smartphone from Google play store.


5. Hike-


Hike is also a fastest growing telecommunications application for the android and other smartphone. It is made in India with love. You can send pictures, video and many types of files through hike to your family members and friends. Now a days it also install a voice calling facility in the hike. It has also a new features to send free message to offline people. You can download it from Google play store for Android and other smartphone.


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