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Top 5 Best Vodka Brands in India 2018 (Most Popular)

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Vodka is one of the best beverage in the food and beverage industries. This drink is famous among the girls due to its great pleasurable taste and flavor. Vodka comes into different variants such as red pepper, ginger, vanilla, chocolate and many more. Now people start getting more aware of this amazing drink and start experimenting to discover many flavors. There are many Vodka companies all around the world. But here is the top 5 best vodka brand in India. Without Vodka a party can never be complete.

Best Vodka Brands in India 2018 :-

#1. Grey Goose Vodka

The Grey Goose Vodka is one of the finest and best vodka brand that presents in India. This vodka is made by Bacardi Limites and it was entitled with the best selling vodka in 1998 by Beverage Tasting Institute. In addition to this, it also received the Platinum medal at World Spirits Championship in San Francisco. Grey Goose Vodka comes into 5 different flavors. The price for Grey Goose 750ml bottle is Rs. 6000.

#2. Absolut Vodka

Absolut vodka is second best vodka brand in India. It is a Swedish brand named as Absolut, this vodka is known for its amazing taste. The bottle design of Absolut Vodka is amazing. The most popular variant of Swedish Vodka brand is Absolut, Absolut Citron, Absolut Pepper, Absolut Peach and Absolut 100. The price range for this vodka varied according to the quantity for e.g. 2000 Rs. for 750ML and 220 Rs. for 50ML.

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#3. Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka is exclusive vodka brand from Poland. This vodka has a big fan following all over the world. Only a few variants of this vodka brand available at the selected locations in India. These are Belvedere Intense, Belvedere Red, Belvedere Unfiltered & Belvedere Silver. The Belvedere vodka is priced 4800-5600 Rs. for 700ML.

#4. Smirnoff Vodka

The next name on this list of Top 5 Vodka Brand in India is Smirnoff Vodka. It is manufactured by a British Company named as Diageo. Smirnoff Vodka has been awarded Gold medal in the World Spirit Awards for its taste. It comes in a wide range of flavors. This vodka comes into very affordable price 1190 Rs. for 1000ML.

#5. Wodka Gorbatschow Vodka

At last in the list, the name is Wodka Gorbatschow Vodka from Berlin, Germany that collaborates with Henkell & Company India Pvt. Ltd. This vodka comes into 4 flavors – orange, vanilla, green apple & original. The price for 750ML Vodka is 683 Rs.

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