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Top 5 best multitasking apps for android

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top 5 multitasking app for android tech5.co.in

Top 5 best multitasking apps for android

Android is one of the best platforms to do cool stuff like using multitasking apps and make any shortcut of any apps. Multitasking means you can do many things at one place. Almost all people have android device due to its look and better interface. Android system is easy to customize and also, you can make the shortcut of many apps to do things much quicker. So in this post, I am telling you top 5 best multitasking apps and shortcut apps that make your device easy to use and look beautiful by these shortcut keys. One fact about these multitasking apps are that it makes your device faster but android lollipop 5.0 having some useless shortcuts that make your device working slower. So look at below the multitasking apps with their description and download from below links.

One fact about these multitasking apps are that it makes your device faster but android lollipop 5.0 having some useless shortcuts that make your device working slower. So look at below the multitasking apps with their description and download from below links.

Some Best Multitasking apps for android:-

#1.Omni swipe- best all rounder app:-

omni swipe tech5.co.in

Most of the people are introduced by this apps because it is downloaded by 100 million people. It has the 4.5-star rating in play store and getting 4.5 stars in play store is not an easy task. So by this rating, you can understand what I want to say i.e this app is awesome. I personally use this app for making my mobile beautiful and to speed up my device. The latest android version also comes with this cool apps. The main reason behind its rating is that it is easy to use and make a comfortable hand on you device.

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  • Allows convenient access to your favourite apps, contacts, settings and notifications using just one hand.
  • Omni swipe is small just 1Mb and provide a clean and smooth user experience.
  • It includes the variety of colourful theme to match your desktop.
  • Add up to 9 of your favourite apps to always within your reach.
  • Swipe from right and left of your screen, you reveal the fan-shaped Omni swipe toolbar.

[appbox googleplay com.lazyswipe]

#2.EAS (Easy app switcher)- best two-way app switcher-

easy app switcher tech5.co.in

It is 2nd place in my list because of its gorgeous look. EAS is an app which let you swap between your two last visited places and also acts as the favourite bar. This app has 4.6  rating in the play store. About 50 thousand of people download this app. This app is also easy to use and good interface.


  • By swiping the floating button, you can see app tray on screen. Now open the app tray and switch to any apps.
  • Long press to floating button, it will hide to screen edge, you can see the recent and favourite apps on the screen.
  • You can also use the floating screen as back key.
  • Only one touch to switch from last app icon on screen as a floating button.

[appbox googleplay com.echoff.easyswitch]

#3. IF by IFTTT:-

if tech5.co.in

This app is 3rd on my list due to its customization. About 1 millions of users downloaded it. This app has 4.2 rating in the play store that makes it awesome. It simply connects you to your apps like facebook, dropbox, Twitter and Gmail or as many apps that you want. IFTTT stands for “if this then that” which essentially explains how to app works. This app also works in the list of commands. For eg:- you could create a statement like that you  want to change your Facebook photo then also want to change your twitter photo too”. After configured it automate this process for you.

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  • Automated change your facebook and Twitter photos.
  • Post videos you like on Youtube.
  • Share your Facebook status updates on Tumblr.
  • Save your notes to Evernote.

[appbox googleplay com.ifttt.ifttt]

#4. Swipe up utility:-

SwipeUpUtility tech5.co.in

Swipe up utility is 4th on my list. Swipe up utility easy to use and easy gesture to use and customize your home screen. This app can help you create different swipe gestures for most every task. Swipe up also changes your home screen function. This app has 4.5 rating in google PlayStore. About 50 thousands of users download this app. There are few bugs in this app but also, you can use this app to customize your home screen to launch your camera ,video mode etc.


  • Change your home button configuration.
  • Easy assigns the gesture to any app i.e. google search gesture.
  • Swipe up consists of the great package of shortcuts. Shortcuts feature let you assign the swipe to any app that supports standard shortcuts.

[appbox googleplay com.AdrianCampos.swipeuputility]

#5. Easy touch:-

easy touch tech5.co.in

This app is in the last of my list. A floating add on to your screen, this box like floating app provide mostly the same functions you get on the iPhone. About 10 millions of user downloaded thus app and it gets the rating of 4.3 on play store. This app is awesome due to its gesture feature and easy reliability. Easy touch becomes very famous at the very short time.


  • It is small,fast and free so this maintains your device speed and makes your device lagging free.
  • It is also an ideal app to protect the physical buttons.
  • All the operation can be done by just clicking or holding down the panel.
  • Make a quick access to all the apps, games and setting.
  • Clean your phone memory to boost your phone speed.
  • Having a lot of hot themes.
  • Having an intelligence touch to so you can easily operate your android phone with one hand.
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[appbox googleplay com.shere.easytouch]


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