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Top 5 best guitar brands in India

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Top 5 best guitar brands in India

Top 5 best guitar brands in India

Hello, friends, in this topic, I am telling you top 5 best guitar brands in India. When looking for any electronic device or anything, it is most likely to go for best brand. The guitar is one of the most important parts of the music industry. Music is the great way to express ourselves. But to produce music different type of musical instruments was invented. The guitar is one of the best invented music instrument in the musical field.

The guitar is the instrument in other instruments by vibration, we can amplify music. Guitar quality depends on their materials and their Finishing parts. So it is hard to select the best quality of guitars. Indian market is full of different brands of guitars and it is hard to find best one. The brands are competing with each other to maintain their selves in top charts. But many brands providing better quality to their customers.

How to find the best guitar

It is very difficult to find the best guitar. The best guitar is made up of best material like wood and hardware etc. Every brand use the best thing for a guitar to make that best. Here I discuss the main factor of a guitar so you understand easily.

First of all body style, it is the main thing you want to see in a guitar that how was it looks like. Many companies make a different body. The body is the part that makes the sound louder and deeper. So it is necessary to buy a guitar with a perfect body style.

Strings are the second material you want to check when you are buying a guitar. You have to check that string is made up of nylon or steel. Some people think that for beginners nylon strings are reliable. But nylon strings or steel string are not interchangeable on the same guitar. So it a necessary thing to check when you buy a guitar.

Last and the main thing, when you are buying a guitar you see a huge variety of wood. A wood is the most important part of a guitar. A wood decides that how it produce the sound like cedar is a soft wood it produces the bright tone. And like this other wood produce different sounds. Now you have to select you to the best guitar by reminds these factors.

Some best guitar brand in India

#1. Epiphone Guitars:-

 Epiphone AJ-220SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Epiphone guitar is an American company. Epiphone is well known for their quality products and customer service. They not only manufactured guitars but also manufacture many types of musical instrument i.e. amplifiers, banjos and much more. Epiphone is established in +1873 and its headquarters located in Tennessee USA. It produces their guitars worldwide. Indian market also has great demand for Epiphone guitars. So Epiphone is spotted 1st on my list.

Customer Rating: 5.0/5.0


Gibson Melody Maker (Satin Cherry) Electric Right Handed Guitar

Gibson is also the great brand in India. It is most popular and accepted brand by people in India. They also sold their guitars worldwide. Gibson is known for its innovation and supreme quality. It provides you top quality products with the minimum disorder in all over the world. It is founded by Orville Gibson in 1902. It’s manufactured company named as ” The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg.co. Ltd.” Gibson also sold their guitars under a variety of brand names. The world most iconic guitars are the Gibson Les Paul. Gibson also manufactures the variety of instrument i.e. Epiphone, Kramer maestro. It also provides you audio equipment device.

Customer Rating: Not rated now.


Yamaha F310 6 Strings Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha is the great corporation that deals with the multipurpose variety of products and service that have a high influence on the worldwide market. Yamaha is based in japan and has a great impact in Indian market Yamaha also manufacture guitars as a musical instrument. Best model in Yamaha like S series, Yamaha RGX and SG series. Yamaha bikes also have a great influence on the market. All the guitars are famous for their best performance. Like all major brands, Yamaha is also known for their best quality and quantity products. The customer service of Yamaha is very reliable.

Customer Rating: 4.7/5.0


Fender Squier 0310005506 Bullet Fat Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar

Fender also manufactures best guitars worldwide. Its company is known as Fender musical instrument corporation and deals with manufacturing of musical instruments like guitars, amplifier etc. Its headquarters is located in Scottsdale, USA. Fender sold his products worldwide and provide a good customer service. In the recent Fender established a huge market in India. Fa-100 is one of the most selling guitars models by Fender. Fender guitars provide you a smooth and better performance on stage.

Customer Rating: 5.0/5.0

#5.Cort guitars:-

Cort CR50 Les Paul Style Electric Guitar

Cort guitars are last but not least on my list. It is famous guitar brand all over the world.Its headquarter is based in South Korea. Like all brands, it manufactures best guitars and import to all major parts of the world. Cort also manufactures many different types of musical instruments like bass, acoustic etc. Cort guitars now established a huge market in India. All major music bands have a Cort guitars. It also provides you good customer support and reliable service. Cort cr230bk and Cort x-1 are the major guitars models of this brand.

Customer Rating: 4.7/5.0


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