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Top 5 Best Gaming KeyBoard You Must Buy 2017

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Top 5 Best Gaming KeyBoard:-

The right Gaming keyboard gives you right feeling while you’re playing the game. But If you’re a gamer, keyboard choice is very essential. Gaming keyboard doubles your joy while playing and it just more than a typing tool. If you are caring about PC gaming, it pays to know what makes a keyboard great, what differentiates one from another and what’s on the market today.

The keyboard market has become bigger and bigger with the passage the time. Most keyboards use mechanical switches and they are designed to provide superior audio. There are many keyboard brand are present in the market and it is a daunting task to find best one. So in this post, We are talking about Top 5 best Gaming Keyboard available in the Market.

#1. Dragonwar storm gaming keyboard:-


Dragonwar storm gaming keyboard is the best seller keyboard on Amazon. If you are looking for buying a gaming keyboard check it features first. This keyboard is waterproof. If water spills no problem. Extra multimedia keys of this keyboards help you to access emails, calendar and much more. It comes with four adjustable DPI levels that make your gaming performance very good.


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable DPI
  • 8 extra keys

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#2. Circle adroit X 7C keyboard:-


Circle adroit keyboard has a stylish design that helps you to work for a long time and reduce fatigue. This keyboard keys are very soft for use. Its 6 multimedia keys save your time while you are playing games. Circle adroit keyboard is waterproof so don’t worry if water spills. It has 7 colors backlit mode that makes it beautiful.


  • Waterproof
  • 7 color backlit
  • Stylish design with soft keys

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#3. Logitech prodigy G213 gaming keyboard:-

logitech gaming keyboard

With an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5, this gaming keyboard makes your gaming performance to an amazing level. Logitech gaming keyboard is slim durable and water resistant. Its keys give you a better responsive feedback that makes your gaming performance 4X faster than other standard keyboards. This keyboard enables with brilliantly led lighting.


  • Slim and durable design
  • Brilliant led lighting
  • Gives you 4X faster gaming performance than others.
  • Very well tuned keys.

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#4. Asus Cerberus 30500 Gaming keyboard:-asus-cerberus-keyboard

Asus Cerberus is the awesome gaming keyboard for game lovers. It is specially made for gamers for an affordable price. It never lets you down in the case of gaming. Asus keyboard is the high-end mechanical keyboard and very solid with superb looks. This keyboard low in power consumption. Asus product always has high quality. It feels you very nice and grippy. Asus Cerberus also has many functions that are not available on the normal keyboard. It also has premium quality and stylish looks.


  • Multimedia keys with breathing lights
  • 12-function Macro Keys
  • Durable and premium quality keys that give a mechanical touch

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#5. Redragon ASURA K501 Gaming Keyboard:-

red gear gaming keyboard
Redragon is existing from an existing hardware name Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). It is launched in 2012 and has the aim is to be highest quality and performance equipment. Redragon Asura Gaming keyboard is made for PC gaming and having the high-quality design. It is splashed free keyboard and compatible with Window 8, 7 and Vista. This keyboard has 8 programmable macro keys and interchangeable arrow and “WASD” keys. Redragon has the adjustable pulsing rate for LED lighting. It has great RGB Lighting and easy to use.


  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • 7 color backlighting

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