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Top 5 best deodorant brand for women in India

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Top 5 best deodorant brand for women in India:-

Now it is the time of the starting off hot summer and the great time for choosing your best deodorant. So I already make a post on Top 5 best deodorant for Men in India. Now I am sharing you Top 5 deodorant that is most popular and best for women. People always chose the deodorant that has good fragrance and runs all day long. No one likes to smell bad in this summer. Summer is the problematic season for the skin problem and sweat problems. Women always choose mild and quality deodorant for their underarm.

As we know Indian market is full of deodorant and there are a number of low cost and special offer deodorants in markets. So if you also choose a low-cost deodorant then beware and think twice before choose them. Most of the low-cost deodorant having the bad chemical that makes your underarm skin rash and also causes many allergies. So your comfort, today in this post I am telling you to top 5 best deodorant brands for women in India. Check out the whole list below:-


Tech5.co.in deo

Nivea is an international brand in cosmetic production with the trust and quality supply and also a global skin and body Care brand that is founded in 1882.The word Nivea came from a Latin word meaning snow white. It makes the best deodorant for men and women. Its products are currently accepted all across the world due to its quality. Nivea introduced special products ” Nivea whitening deo” for those who have the problem with dark underarm.

After you looking at the product review you find most of the users suggest Nivea whitening deo. It solves the problem of underarm darkening. Most of the Indian men’s and women are currently satisfied by the Nivea products. Nivea products smell last long and remove the bad unpleasant smell from your body so that your looks and smell good all day long.

Some other product of Nivea:-

  • Nivea roll on deo for women.
  • The Nivea pearl and beauty deo with pearl extract.
  • Nivea whitening deo for smooth.
  • The Nivea fresh natural deo with ocean extract.


Tech5.co.in deo

Jovan deo is spotted 2nd on my list and it is the famous brand for making long lasting deo for both men and women. Jovan all products are made after looking at skin care. Jovan’s deo has a good fragrance that attracts young boys and girls to buy it. This company offers non-irritating perfumes for your skin.

The exotic spices and woods along with musk from Jovan are very famous and unique in quality. Jovan is also famous for its other Cosmetic’s products and its deo is long lasting and don’t cause any irritation on your skin. So if you want to smell well and fresh all day long then I recommend you to buy Jovan deo.

Some other products of Jovan:-

  • Jovan deo black musk women
  • The Jovan deo satisfaction women
  • Jovan white musk and sex appeal combo


tech5.co.in deo

Dove is spotted 3rd on my list and one of the most used cosmetics brands in India. It is an international brand and due to trust and loyalty, it becomes most popular in India. Dove almost produces all type of cosmetics products from soaps to deo and its products are special for the sensitive skin of women.

Dove deo doesn’t irritate your skin and offer long lasting fragrance whole day. It has also had the unique feature combination. Dove gives moisture to your skin that is the beauty of women. Dove deo have great craze among teenagers, men, and women. So it keeps you hydrate all day long and fight with bad smell.

Some other products of Dove:-

  • Dove deo go and fresh touch
  • The Dove deo silk dry
  • Dove deo touch


Tech5.co.in deo

Eva is spotted 4th in my list and it is famous Brand for manufacturing cosmetics for women’s. Eva products are much affordable by people because of its low cost and mini deo products. It provides you mini deo packs for travels or any short purposes.

These mini deo products are Eva mini deo glee, Eva mini deo pop or Eva mini deo spray fresh. Mini Deo packs start from Rs.30 only. Eva became famous in very short time because people accept it because of its Low price and good fragrance that make’s it beautiful deo for women.

Some other products of Eva deo:-

  • Eva deo spray wild
  • The Eva deo spray doll
  • Eva deo spray dew
  • Eva deo spray blush

#5.Secret Temptation:-

Tech5.co.in deo

The secret temptation is spotted 5th in my list.It is widely used or accepted deo brand by women in India. This deo have long lasting fragrance and attract most of the teenagers. It smells is good and don’t cause any skin irritation.

This brand is under McNore Consumer products Pvt. LTD. Like Eva, it is also a low price deo. Low price is another reason that people attract towards this deo. This deo start from mid 80-90rs.

Other products of Secret temptation deo:-

  • Secret temptation plays deo
  • The Secret temptation perfume body
  • Secret temptation  mystery deo
  • Top deodorant for women in India
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