Top 5 beer brands in India


Beer brands has a huge demand in an Indian market. It is difficult to find best beer brand in India. Beer is enjoying the drink for the youngster in these days. There are many brands which made best beer. Every beer brand has different quantity of alcohol in it. Some of them are strong and some of them are premium taste.So today I want to tell you about top 5 beer brand in India.

Top 5 Beer brand in India:-

#1. Heineken:-


Heineken is a popular beer brand in India. It is a pale lager beer made by 5% of alcohol. This beer is manufactured by Heineken international. It is well known for the green bottle and red star. It is manufactured by barley, yeast, hops, and pure water.

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#2. Haywards:-


Haywards is the India’s second largest beer brand in India. Haywards beer comes with three different alcohol concentration 5.5, 7 and 8%. The stout beer that consists 8% alcohol is rare. It is a strong dark colour beer. Hayward beer is manufactured by SAB Miller. It’s three variant are Haywards 10000, 5000 & 2000.

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#3. Kingfisher:-


This is a very well known beer brand in India. This is the largest company that making beer in India. Kingfisher is manufactured by United breweries. Kingfisher brand is known for their strong beer. It’s premium beer consist 4.8% and strong beer consists 8% alcohol.

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#4. Carlsberg:-


Carlsberg is the fastest growing beer brand in India. This beer has a great demand in the Indian market from some previous years. Carlsberg is a Denmark-based company established in 1847. This is a popular brand all over the world. Carlsberg beer consists 5-9% alcohol in his beer.

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#5. Budweiser:-


The Budweiser is final best beer brand on my list. It is manufacturing by Belgian multinational corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev. Budweiser beer consists 5% of alcohol. It contains 30% of rice with barley malt and hops with pure water.

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