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Top 5 Best Apps For Rooted Device You Must Install (July Updated) 2017

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Top 5 Best Apps For Rooted Device You Must Install (July Updated) 2017- In 2017 most widely search termed is Best Android App for the rooted mobile device. Android is considered as one of the best operating systems that provide as user-friendly interface. Most of the people have mobile and they rooted it after a month or a year. Rooted mobile has their own advantage and their disadvantage. In simple words, rooting means having your own control on your mobile devices with full permission and accessibility. The main disadvantage of the rooting your device is that you loose warranty of the mobile device. But there are many advantages of rooting device i.e increase your battery backup, internal storage, removing bloatware or much. So in this article, the I am telling you Top app for rooted mobile.

#1.Root checker:-

root checker www.tech5.co.in

Root checker is best or simple app to verify root access (superuser or so) is properly installed or not installed on your device. Over 10 million already installed this app for root checking. Su binary is most common binary used on Android device to grant and manage root access (superuser).What it also verifies for Su binary is properly functioning in granting root access. It is offered by JoeyKrim. This app also available in app purchase.

Download link:-

#2.Titanium backup-

titanium backup www.tech5.co.in

The most powerful backup tool on available in Android. Over 20 million users already installed this app. It also available in 31+ language. Pro version of this app also available in play store. It is voted #1 Top Root app on Twitter. It backup, restore data or freeze app and much more. You move any app data to or from SD card. You also browse any app data and see detailed info about the app. It also supports scheduled backups of the app. By using this app you delete system app or bloatware. Available for the only rooted device.

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Download Link:-


grrenify tech5

Greenify is considered as the best app for the rooted device. Over 1 million already installed this app. But Greenify available for both rooted or unrooted mobile devices. Greenify is a great tool for running your smooth or long lasting. It also makes phone fast or kill the battery hunger app installed on your device. It also helps in identify and put the misbehaving app were into hibernation mode when you not using it.It also helps in lagging or leeching your device. It never stores your personal data. It is offered by Oasis Feng.

Download Link:-

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

#4.Set Cpu:-


It is the powerful app to full control on your Android device CPU. It is the best app for increasing your device battery backup or increasing your device battery life. It is the best app for the rooted device. It is essential utility in every root user toolbox. It works for various devices and rooms. It is offered by Michael Huang.

Download link:-


#5.Wps Connect:-

wps connect www.tech5.co.in

It is the best app available in play store. It connects WiFi using WPS protocol. You can connect to WiFi network which has WPS protocol enable. This app is for educational purpose and required android version 4.2.1 or more. It focused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a default Pin. You can easily connect to that router or find the password of that wifi. It is offered by Fro X

[appbox googleplay com.ngb.wpsconnect]

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