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Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn’t know but existed #4

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Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn't know but existed #2

Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn’t know but existed #4:-

Science is like a drug when you like its results you gonna like it. Every day you want to do various interesting stuff with science and technology. Science gives you some of the best and worst time of your life. Like the invention of the digital camera helps you capture your happy moments that happened in life, but invention like the nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb make a threat to peoples. It is the truth that the invention makes our life easy in several ways. The works that we did in months or weeks now finished in few hours or days. So today I want to tell you about Top 5 Amazing Invention You Didn’t know but existed #4.

Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn't know but existed #2

In the previous article, I told you about Top 5 Amazing Invention You Didn’t Know But Existed #3. Those inventions were Sensibo, Airdog, NEEOArubixs and bttn. That invention makes a change in your everyday life. And today in this article I will tell you 5 more invention that makes your daily life easy.

#5. Arist:-


Arist is the coffee maker gadget that best on the Arist cloud platform. Coffee lovers are always in a hurry for a perfect cup of coffee. A perfect cup of coffee requires a lot of experience, practice and testing the taste. Priestess can alternate knowledge into the many good coffee recipes and share them with the world. You can use Arist cloud platform and make the coffee that you want. You can fine tune the recipe for your coffee with a simple drag by using your smartphone. Enjoying a quality coffee is now easy with Arist. The perfect coffee solution is here Arist the heart of a barista.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Many recipes.
  • Control by using mobile.
  • Cloud platform.

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#4. Displio:-


It is a wireless or WiFi display that only tracks what is important for you. This is completely standalone and highly customizable gadget. You can choose the widget from a wide range and makes the information that important for you like weather, news etc. At home, it can tell you about things like calendar and notify you of new emails. At the office, it can track business information for you. Its built-in speakers will get your attention when new emails arrive. It can also arrange meeting rooms for you. Displio is designed wireless with a long battery life. Its display technology can’t consume too much power. So its battery life is longer. Displio supports many languages and UTF-8 that display any symbol and character.


  • Display symbols and characters.
  • Long battery life.
  • Notify emails, calendar, weather, PayPal account and etc.
  • Run wirelessly and e-ink display technology.

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#3. Droplet:-


It is a smart reminder. This reminds track and gets the thing done for you. Simply it tracks create better habits in your life. Droplet can be used for anything. You can use Droplet as pet reminder, inhaler use, watering plants, taking out trash, diet and nighttime routines. Droplet is very easy to setup. With the app, setup is easy because you can set it from using your smartphone. After setup it once by smartphone or smart device you don’t need a smart device. You can access your settings and tracking data from any computer or smart device by cloud services. Its good design helps you to use it for many purposes. Its way is better than an alarm clock.

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  • Cloud services.
  • Helps you to create good habits.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Used for many purposes.

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#2. Sense:-


Sense is one of the best gadgets that help you to fall in a good sleep. This device sits on your bedside and helps you to fall asleep. It also helps you to improve your sleep and wake up feeling great in the morning. Sense ambient sounds help you fall asleep and stay relaxed through the night. You can monitor your sleep cycle and set the Sense’s smart alarm that identifies the best time for you to awake in the morning. Sense smart technology helps you to know the temperature, humidity, light, noise and air quality of your bedroom. And tell you to improve your bedroom environment so you can sleep better.


  • Ambient sound.
  • Monitor your sleep time.
  • Know your bedroom environment.
  • Smart alarm.

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#1. Sesame:-


With Sesame your phone is now your key. Sesame is a device that fits on all the deadbolts. Its self-adjustment mechanism makes it adjustable to all deadbolts. This device does not need to be exactly at the center of your lock. Sesame is just worked with your lock perfectly. The optional WiFi access point connects this device to the internet without draining batteries. Sesame is the lightest lock that ever designed. Its weight is 161g with two batteries. This device is easy to install and highly robust when installed. Sesame is damage free and hassle free adhesive strip. This device is made perfectly it comes with military grade encryption so it keeps bad guys out. It has a knock recognition feature that allows you to unlock door simply by the knock on your phone.

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  • Remote knock.
  • Auto lock.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Long battery life.

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