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Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn’t know but existed #3

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Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn't know but existed #2

Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn’t know but existed #3:-

Science is like a drug when you like its results you gonna like it. Every day you want to do various interesting stuff with science and technology. Science gives you some of the best and worst time of your life. Like the invention of the digital camera helps you capture your happy moments that happened in life, but invention like the nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb make a threat to peoples. It is the truth that the invention makes our life easy in several ways. The works that we did in months or weeks now finished in few hours or days. So today I want to tell you about Top 5 Amazing Invention You Didn’t know but existed #3.

Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn't know but existed #2

In the previous article, I told you about Top 5 Amazing Invention You Didn’t Know But Existed #2. Those inventions were FOBO TireBeam, Zackees turn signal glovesFin: wearable ring and Reemo. That invention makes a change in your everyday life. And today in this article I will tell you 5 more invention that makes your daily life easy.

#5. Sensibo:-


Make your air conditioner smart. A device that turns any air conditioner into smart air conditioner and help to reduce its energy consumption. Sensibo controls the temperature of a room. With its ultimate package, you can change your daily life. Its home kit is suitable for 3 air conditioner. This kit contains 3 smart pods and one hub. The smart pod placed on the air conditioner. The hub is connected to your home router via Ethernet cable. These pods will be placed on any remote controlled air conditioner.

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  • Easy installation- This device is installed in less than 2 minutes without any problems.
  • Easy control- You can control air conditioner through your mobile also.
  • Compatibility- Sensibo works with any remote controlled air conditioner.
  • Save money- Sensibo helps you to reduce energy consumption that save your money.

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#4. Airdog:-


Airdog is an auto-follow drone for adventure sports. The only drone built for action sports. This drone is classified as a quadcopter. It is the standalone remote controlled drone. That means you will have to practice using it to control. This drone is the best drone for film and photography for those areas where you can’t go.  The Airdog is not coming with an inbuilt camera but it is compatible with external cameras that can easily attach to the drone. This drone is compatible with a GoPro camera. This drone is remote controlled and flown up to 250 meters away from you. Compared to the other  controlled devices it is flying high.  With a 5600 mAH lithium polymer battery capacity it will be used for a long time. But the battery is heavy and it affects the drone also.


  • Ready to fly.
  • Easy to use.
  • GPS compatible.
  • Automatic landing.

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#3. NEEO:-


NEEO is a smart home automation system and also known as the thinking remote. It is the revolutionary remote with hand recognition feature and simply set-up at your home. You can control your heater, home lighting, TV and much more. With NEEO you can turn your various remote functions into simple one smart remote. NEEO is simply working with over a wide range of devices.  It is installed within 3 minutes. NEEO makes technology simple. This device makes easy in just one button.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with over 30000 devices.
  • Easy installation.
  • Good design.

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#2. Arubixs:-


It is a portal flexible smartphone. Arubixs is the future of smartphone industry. Arubixs was born out of frustration from a mobile industry whose designs became boringly stagnant, lacking innovation, repetitive. In mid of 2014, the first prototype of Arubixs was scrapped together using parts of various mobiles. Joining the best parts together to create a best flexible smartphone that was ergonomic, durable and just cools in different manners.


  • Flexible.
  • Wearable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.

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#1. bttn:-


bt.tn is the simplest internet user interface in the world. It is a connected push button that can trigger the actions. You can use it send a message, to control your appliances and turn on & off music. Bttn has inbuilt internet connectivity, it does not need any smartphones or apps to connect with. Press the bttn and you can get your work complete. This makes your life simple not complex. It has its own mobile data or wifi connectivity. You can use it anywhere and everywhere you want. By using your browser you can setup your actions for bttn. No other software or application require.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy installation.
  • No apps or software needed to use it.
  • On demand calls and messages.

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