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Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn’t know but existed #2

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Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn't know but existed #2

Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn’t know but existed #2:-

Science is like a drug when you like its results you gonna like it. Every day you want to do various interesting stuff with science and technology. Science gives you some of the best and worst time of your life. Like the invention of the digital camera helps you capture your happy moments that happened in life, but invention like the nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb make a threat to peoples. It is the truth that the invention makes our life easy in several ways. The works that we did in months or weeks now finished in few hours or days. So today I want to tell you about Top 5 Amazing Invention You Didn’t know but existed #2.

Top 5 Amazing Invention You didn't know but existed #2

In the previous article, I told you about Top 5 Amazing Invention You Didn’t Know But Existed #1. Those inventions were Wekey Pocket Keyboard, Cheero sleepion, Furbo Dog Camera, Small Foot and Catspad. Those invention makes a change in your everyday life. And today in this article i will tell you 5 more invention that makes your daily life easy.

#5. Reemo:-


This invention is a wrist device that helps you to controls the things at your easily the movement of your hand only. Reemo works great by itself. It is designed to work with the different smart home system and connected devices. Reemo is an openhome certified device. Managing all connected devices will be as easy as point and control. You can control any standard device by using Reemo like lamp, heater etc.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable.
  • Easy setup without any professional help.
  • Worn on the wrist.

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#4. FOBO Tire:-

fobo tire

FOBO Tire is the first wireless device that will be used for checking tire pressure. It is the smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS). It is using latest Bluetooth version 4.0 and run directly into your iOS and android devices. FOBO Tire comes with an intelligent in-car monitoring unit, that gives an alert to you about the pressure in the absence of your smartphone. It comes with 4 sensors and one wireless in-car unit.


  • 24*7 monitoring- FOBO Tire works 24*7 without any kind of power. It also works when your car ignition is off. FOBO Tire works wireless so it doesn’t need any kind of external power. It comes with batteries which last up to 2 years.
  • Monitor up to 19 cars- Simultaneously FOBO Tire can monitor up to 19 cars with one app.
  • Do it yourself(DIY)- You can install FOBO Tire gadget yourself with 5 minutes with any professional experience.
  • These deterrents- Every FOBO Tire sensors is locked with a specific FOBO cloud account. That’s why every stolen FOBO Tire sensors and in-car monitoring unit can’t be refused. You will be notified on your smartphone device if any sensor is missing.
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#3. Beam:-


The smart projector that fits into any light socket. Beam turns any flat surface into a big screen. You can watch Netflix, YouTube, photos and video on that screen. Stream photos and videos using the Beam. You can stream any content through Airplay and Miracast. Beam is a smart projector that can program to automatically through your actions.

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Beam is a dimmable LED light. You can switch Beam into a projector and a light in an instant. With the help of an app, you can dim light according to different levels. Beam is easy to set up and controlled by Apple or android app. It can be the screw with any light socket and a wire to take it where you want to change any flat surface into a big screen.

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#2. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves:-


Zackees turn signal gloves is the award-winning gadgets for a cyclist. These gloves are the latest must have gadget for a cyclist in today’s time. Press your thumb to your index finger to activate the LED blinker. This gadget is invented by a former Google engineer in California. Simply using this you can put the power of signals into your hand. These gloves are wearable into a hand that’s why these are anti-theft.


  • Manufacturer one year warranty.
  • Easy to washable in machine.
  • Sleek, streamlined design.
  • 54 lumens LED.
  • Ambient light sensor to increase brightness 4X in a day and save 4X battery life in the night.
  • Rechargeable battery.
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#1. Fin: Wearable Ring:-


Fin robotics take a huge step ahead in the technological field. This Wearable Ring is the best gadget they introduce in market today time. Neyya a Bluetooth ring designed for remotely controlling other mobile devices. You can use it by just moving your thumb to the other fingers. You can control any connected devices at your fingertips. So its feels like a magic to you. You can play games after wearing this ring into your thumb like shooting and much more. This ring a great invention for the blind people. For the businessman, it is useful in the presentation. Fin is handy when you drive, it controls your AC, radio and music system. Taking pictures, sharing files and watching videos is now easy with Fin. It changes your everyday life.

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Thanks for reading friends if you like this article and find it helpful for you then leave comments below.

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