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Top 10 uses of Lemon in our daily life

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Hello, friends, in this article I am telling  Top 10 uses of Lemon in our daily life. Lemon is a citrus fruit and containing Vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamins B6, copper, calcium, potassium etc.It also contains antioxidant agent uses to cure skin diseases. People often use Lemon as a Lemonade (Lemon water).

Lemon fragrance also keeps mosquito away. Also, Lemon can uses as a washing agent because of its ability to remove stain. According to Medical science, Lemon is used for the treatment of Kidney stones, Diabetes and lowering in body temperature. Also, lemonade is used to keep the body cool and calm. So look at some more interesting uses of lemon in this articles that you can use in your daily life:-

#1. Help in respiratory problems:-

Lemon is used as a cure for respiratory problems. Lemon juice can reduce Phlegm and help you to breathe properly. Lemon juice is a good medicine or cure for an asthma patient.

#2. Help in weight loss:-

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Lemon has contained a high amount of pectin fibre which will fight from hunger and feeling you like stomach is full. If you want to lose weight then drink hot lemon water with honey.

#3. Prevents from kidney stones:-

If you regularly drink the lemon juice with water then it will prevent you from the kidney stones. Because drink the lemon juice with water increase the production of urinary citrate, it has the chemical that prevents from the formation of kidney stones.

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#4. Help for skin:-

Lemon has an essential oil that is a good for your skin. It will be used for improving complexion and make skin soft and supply. Lemon juice also improves the deeply nourishing of your skin. Lemon oil mixed with baking soda and used as a face wash.

#5. Help immune system:-

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it helps in boost the immune system and make our body good so that body will fight with colds and flu. Warm lemon water improves the immune system. Lemon also increase the ability of our body to increase the absorption power of iron. Lemon also contains some antimicrobial properties.

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#6. Help in throat infections:-

Lemon contain some antibacterial properties. If we drink a glass of warm lemon water every day in the morning then it will lower the risk the risk of throat infection. This drink also helps in asthma. If you gargle then it will also heal the throat infection fast.

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#7. Help in blood pressure:-

Lemon contain a high amount of potassium content in it. That will also help you in sleep well, reduce stress and improve mental function. That also helps you to control your blood pressure and maintain it to normal range.

#8. Help in laundry:-

Lemon has a good smell. if you add some drops of lemon juice while washing your clothes or other things then it will be no longer smell bad and gives a good smell. So in this way, lemon also helps you in the laundry.

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#9. Help in cleaning brass:-

Lemon juice also helps you to clean the brass and other metals. You should make a paste of lemon juice with salt and apply it to the brass metal. And leave it for 5-10 minutes. After washing with warm water. It will clean the brass metal.

#10. Cure for a headache:-

Lemon juice also helps you to cure a headache. If you add some teaspoon of lemon juice with hot tea. It will also help for that person who drink much more and hangover headache. It is the cure for a headache.

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