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Top 10 useful website you didn’t know

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Almost every people know about google and Facebook. But do you know that there are millions of many websites that are very useful but we didn’t know? I don’t talk about all these millions of websites but certain of them. Millions of website mean you have to spend all your time on searching them but In this article I am talking about Top 10 useful websites that you didn’t know. The Internet made our daily task easier and thanks to it we can do things we didn’t think could be possible just a few years ago. So below are the Top 10 useful website that you didn’t know.



This is the one of the coolest websites. In privnote, you can make notes and information for your friend and share. After reading the note and information was self-destruct. This self-destructive feature makes it cool. This website is used to send private for secret information.Try it here.



PicMonkey is an online picture editing website that allows you to edit your picture and download it after editing. PicMonkey is free of cost with many good features. It is a good alternative for many other photo editing software.Try it here.



This website is good to protect your e-mails from being public. Scr.im makes your email into a URL. This URL helps your e-mail from spam because spam does not read URLs. After making URL you can send this URL to your friend and protect it from being public. Try it here .



Skyscanner website is used to find flights and book the cheapest flight for your destination. It can search many types of flights of the various airline company. This website saves your time and money as well.Try it here.



Quora is discussion type website. In this website, you can ask any question from any topic. You will find your answer from many topics. This website is best for your knowledge.Try it here.

#6.One looks reverse dictionary-

One looks reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word. Just type it into the box above and hit the “Find words” button. Keep it short to get the best results. In most cases you’ll get back a list of related terms with the best matches shown first. Try it here.


Wanna learn something new? So try out this amazing website. Factoclock is all about learning something new every minute. There is a timer in this website and also, the fact is below the timer. Every minute you see new facts that help you to learn something new at every minute. So try it out guys here.


It is a website useful to convert almost all type of file. Just select the file you want to convert and click on start conversion. Also, you can save these file to your cloud database, google drive or at many places. So it is tap to convert website. So visit this awesome that makes your conversion easier. So try it here.


This website is very useful for those who want to learn something at free of cost. This cool website helps you to learn everything at free of cost i.e.programming,HTML CSS or many various types of courses. This website is linked to many popular namely website so that you serve the best to learn everything free and fast. So don’t waste your time and visit this website. So try it here.


Fact slides is the website to learning best facts. This is an educational website and daily new facts come to this website. To learn something visit this cool website. FACTSlides is an endless stream of amazing facts presented as colorful and animated slides. So try it here.

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