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Top 10 benefits of Root your android mobiles

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Android is considered as one of the most open and customizable mobile operating systems. Around 4-5 years, android is one of the most usable operating systems due to its easy configuration and friendly interface. Android phone rooting is the first task for any android pro users. But most of the people don’t afraid to be root their mobile because they don’t know the benefits of rooting their android devices.

All people know that roots mean out of warranty of their android device but they don’t know the what is benefits of rooting their android devices. Rooting gives many options for any android mobile users. But make sure you root your device with the right way. Different mobiles are rooting by different methods. So before rooting look at the steps what are doing to root your device.

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So now most of the people ask me what is the benefits of rooting the android phone? So in this post, I am telling you Top 10 reasons to root your android mobiles or what is benefits of rooting your mobile devices. Seriously this post changes the mind of many unrooted android mobile users. So look at below the benefits of rooting your mobile device and makes your device look cooler, smarter and faster.

#1. Installing Firewall:-


You’re familiar with word Firewall  if you are using the computer or a laptop. Firewall save your data from harmful elements. After rooting your android device you will download and install a firewall app on your android device. Firewall protect your device from harmful apps and save your data.

#2. Hack WiFi:-


Hacking WiFi  or any subject to  hacking is illegal. But everyone wants a free Wi-Fi to access the free internet. You can also hack WiFi after rooting your android device. Many apps require root access for hacking WiFi passwords such as WPS connect.  Also look at Top 5 Best android hacking app for androidHow to hack Wifi password using Android devices without rooting This app is used to hack WPS enabled Wi-Fi protocol. So for hacking WiFi networks root access is necessary.

#3. Changing your Android ID:-


Android ID is a good way to find your device as like your identity card. Every android device has a unique ID. Many people change their android device ID and earn money by this. They make a fool of website and apps who gave money for downloading apps. But for changing android ID your device must be rooted.

#4. Use your favorite Custom ROMs:-


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After rooting your device you are capable of doing so much thing with your device. One of the features is installing custom ROMs. ROMs are used to make stylish and give more technical support to your android device. But if you want to want to install custom ROMs on your device you have to root your device first.

#5. Good Processing speed:-


You must know that every android device performs well  if its have a good processor and have a good processing speed. But the android device is not using full processing speed of a processor. If you want to use full processing speed of a processor and increase it then root your device. But this is risky so must check about more details on the internet.

#6. Use Linux in your android:-


Linux OS is the great achievement of all time. This OS is used for many beneficial purposes. Think about it if you used Linux OS in your android device. Yes! This is possible but to run Linux OS on your android device you must have to do your device root. Because after rooting you have access to install Linux OS on your android device.

#7. Remove all your preinstall apps:-


If you buy a new android device them you see that some preinstall apps are already on your device. You can try to uninstall these apps but this is not possible at all. These apps consume your mobile data and battery as well. To get rid off from these preinstall apps you must root your device. After rooting, you are capable of uninstalling these apps.

#8. Stop background apps:-


In your android device, some apps are processing background in your device. If you stop them they start again. But if you want to stop them correctly them you must have rooted your device first and then you can stop them processing background and increase your processor speed as well as.

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#9. Customise your own UI:-


Your android device has preinstalled theme and has a specific UI. To customize this thing and give your device a good look you must root your device and change the framework of your device. After rooting, you can browse many themes and UI for the android device that make your device cool and good.

#10. Make full Backup:-



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If your device is not rooted and you want to make the full backup of your device then it is not possible  that your device makes a complete backup of your data. If you want to make a complete data backup of your device then root your device and make the backup of your data. After rooting you’re able to make up full backup of your device.

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