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Top 5 useful tips and tricks for Google Allo

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Top 5 useful tips and tricks for Google Allo:-

Google releases his one of the most waiting messaging app name Allo. Within in few hours of release on play store of android and App store of iPhone user, Allo has gained popularity. This messaging app is compared to WhatsApp messaging app. WhatsApp is used by almost all iPhone and android users. Google Allo not only compared with WhatsApp but with many messaging apps i.e. kik, facebook messenger and many other messaging apps. Allo has many inbuilt features that make it a perfect messaging app. Google Allo Allows you to chat, find nearby food, check emails, send video and much more. These can be done through Google assistant. So in this post, I am telling you to top 5 useful tips and tricks for Google Allo:-


#1. Chat with friends:-

chat with friends

Like WhatsApp messaging app, just enter the message in a text box and tap on message bubble. Select the contact of your friend and click on send option. That’s it “simple”. Allo is new messaging app, so most of the people don’t aware with Google Allo. So if you want to send the message to a person who has not install Google Allo yet, just invite them via invitations option Bedside their contact name. You can send the invitation to both iOS and android users.

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#2. Block someone on Allo:-


Block is the only way to avoid the annoying and irritating person. Google Allo privileges you to block an annoying and distracting person. It is quite simple and easier. You just need to hold on the conversation, and many option i.e. chat, mute, block, delete appears on a screen. This method can be used by both iOS or Android users. You can also use this method on regular or incognito mode.

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#3. Allo incognito Chat:-


Incognito Chat is the new feature added by Allo in their messaging app. Incognito mode Allows you to end-to-end encrypted and is never saved on Google servers. You can use both regular and incognito Chat in this messaging app. With this feature, you can keep you chat more private and more discreet.

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#4. Google assistant inside conversation:-


Google assistant also added in Google Allo messaging app. It helps you know about nearby restaurants, movies timing, emails checking and much more. To use this feature, Allo users just type @Google. Now Google assistant is in your conversation and helps you to serve what’s you need. Please note that the Assistance will show the results on the basis of the user’s request, inside the conversation with a friend.

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#5. Send free SMS:-


Google Allo Allows you to send the message to your friends for free who doesn’t installed the Google Allo app. But in other messaging apps like WhatsApp you can’t send the free message to your friends who doesn’t installed the WhatsApp on their devices. This features of sending free massage make this app good.

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