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Top 5 Things you must know about Bitcoin Right Now

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Top 5 Things you must know about Bitcoin Right Now. If you’re looking for how to get bitcoins or what is the price of bitcoin then we must say you’re at the right place. Nowadays, Bitcoins is so popular and due to their high currency value. Most of the people want to earn it. Bitcoins are a kind of cryptocurrency or we called it as computerized coins. So as computerized coins they have high value of security and use to purchase items worldwide. But due to lack of information about Bitcoins people fails to use them. So in this post, we are looking How to use bitcoins to purchase items, what is bitcoins or what are the price rate of bitcoin or how you get bitcoins. So we make a list of Top 5 Things you must know about Bitcoin Right Now.


What is Bitcoin?

As we said earlier, It is cryptocurrency and digital payment system. It is used for transactions without any intermediates between users. It is also called first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins is created by pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto that enables values to be transferred over a communicating channel. You can transfer money without any bank or PayPal or other centralized services. So it is the best way to exchange transactions. This coin can be exchanged from low to penny or high as much.

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What is the Price of one Bitcoin in INR or Indian rupees?

You will be amazed to know the value of one bitcoin. One Bitcoin is equaled to 189209.53. (June 2017). So it is the most expensive value of money I were ever seen. If you want to buy or receive Bitcoin, there are three fundamental methods to buy or get these coins i.e. Mine them, work for them or get them. So the value of one Bitcoins is much higher than other currency.

How to use Bitcoins?

They are simply used for transactions by electronically. Some people used as money move or some kept them for future investments. You can use them as you use cash money in daily life for the transaction. Like cash, we kept them in the bank or trusted places so Bitcoins are kept in “Bitcoin wallets”. You can use bitcoin wallets whenever you want. There are a numerous number of wallets present i.e. “desktop wallets, web wallet, electronic wallets or paper wallet.” You can use any of this wallet according to your desire.

How to Buy/Receive or earn Bitcoin?

Earning Bitcoins are depended upon three fundamental approaches. These three approaches help you to earn these coins or you can easily get the coin on regular basis. The three fundamental approaches are: – Mine them, work for them or get them.

Mine or Purchasing bitcoins both are used to making money or purchasing coins from various traders. Mining bitcoins include cash making while purchasing bitcoins include purchasing bitcoins from an online trader.

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There are tons of websites allows you to earn bitcoins by viewing ads, some by answering captcha or doing some work. These websites are an easy way to earn bitcoins. But before, earning make sure you have bitcoins wallets. Without a wallet, all bitcoins money are totally waste. You can sign up through ‘COINBASE’ (Most trusted and reputable Bit-Coin bank).

What is Special about Bitcoins?

Bitcoins permits to send or get bitcoins without an outsider. All exchanges of bitcoins are recorded in open record called bitcoin block chain. All the information inside bitcoins block kept closed and never be changed or altered. It also programmed to be non-duplicable which imply two-fold spending.

Disadvantages of Bitcoins?

Most of the people heard the name of Bitcoin but no one knows who created the Bitcoin. Some guesses that it may be created by the pseudonymous creator but no one says surely about it. Bitcoin have many advantages but also it has many disadvantages.

  •  It enables fraud or criminal activities because it exchanged anonymously (without identify name of the person). So without identify person name or identify it enables fraud. It also dominant dark network.
  • There is numerous point of view that stole Bitcoins. It has QR code and QR code contains all the information about bitcoins. In Digital Bitcoin when turning into the paper medium, QR code is scanning that revealing all underline locations. That means any anonymous can steal your location or theft your Bitcoins.

Final Words:-

That’s it for this article about Bitcoin. All these information is collected from different websites. So, we hope you like this article about “Top 5 Things you must know about Bitcoin Right Now”. In this post, we discover How to earn or use Bitcoins or what is the price of Bitcoins. Most important thing is advantage or disadvantage of Bitcoin. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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