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Top 5 Best Knowledge Apps For Android

Andriod apps have a great role in the success of android phones. Android apps not only makes our life easier but also makes it...

Top 5 Best Apps not Available on Google Play Store

There are more than 1 millions of android  apps present in google play store. But there are many other apps which are very useful...

Top 5 free dictionary apps for android

Android is the great platform for learning and entertainment. Due its easy and friendly interface, most of the people choose android as their mobile....

Top 5 best productivity apps

One of the best categories for apps is productivity apps. These apps make your life easy and comfortable. Productivity apps are used in our...

How to  block distracting apps for the particular time in Android

Hello, friends in this post I am writing about a cool trick to block distracting apps for a particular time in android. Android is...

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