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Social Trade Latest News | Where Your Social Trade Money Was Gone?

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social trade latest news Where Your Social Trade Money Was Gone?


Social Trade Latest News:-

On the ED remand, Anubhav Mittal and his member’s fraud of 3700 crore layers start opening. For winning the trust of people he gave them the car, laptops, and foreign trips. Some people have given money instead of car and Singapore or Malaysia tickets send to their respective address. This offer I only available for those members who joined 1000 members under themselves. According to the report, collect any people take the benefits of trips before December collects all the information regarding these trips and gifts. Now check the social trade latest news where your social trade money was gone?

Where has your social trade money gone?

Social Trade money

Social Trade Money:-

We all know that STF only seize 613 crores and after that ED find nothing. So one of the biggest questions arise in your mind, where your social trade money was gone? In this article, today I want to tell you where really your money is gone?

If we talk about the report then 3000 crore rs. Will be already distributed to the people who take benefits through the company. This is the main reason behind company’s first-year loss. In the first year, the company shows 4.5 crore rs. Loss. The total profit of the company was 25.5 crore rs. And 30 crore rs. Was the total cost of the company. That means the company has a loss of 4.5 crore rs. All the account that linked with ablaze info solutions Pvt Ltd were seized with a big amount of 639 crore rs.

Can Anubhav Mittal release from jail?

In the case of 3700 crore rs. Scam with more than 7 lakh people three members arrested. One of them is Anubhav Mittal. On this Wednesday, one of their chance of getting bail will be failed that why all three members remain in jail. The advocate of three members put a petition for their bail in the court. But the court dismissed their petition.

Get no information of family asset:-

According to the employees of ED, it is stated that Anubhav Mittal said he has no black money. Anubhav Mittal also said that he has a wife, brother, sister and mother-father. During the investigation, Anubhav Mittal can’t say that his family members have premises or not. ED investigate on the given address that Anubhav Mittal said that is right or not.

An investigation from investors:-

In the scam of 3700 crore rs. Income Tax Department confirmed that they will investigate more than 100 of investors in this scam. These investors invest more than 5 lakh of rs. in the sec-63 established ablaze info solutions Pvt Ltd. Income Tax Department claimed that after demonetization they invest their black money in this company. Department asks them from where they get the money and if they failed to answer this question and about the source. Then a money laundering case is filed against them. The income tax department said that STF can’t give them any kind of data they seized from the company.

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