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Social Trade Fraud | Anubhav Mittal Wife Latest News| Jantar Mantar Effect |Is Anubhav Mittal Back?

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Social Trade Fraud


Social Trade Fraud |Noida Scam Latest News and Updates:-

Social Trade Fraud

After the raid on SocialTrade.biz, this Sunday enforcement directorate raid on 5 premises at Noida, Ghaziabad, and Kanpur. All these premises were related to Anubhav Mittal and his wife Ayushi. They both runs 4 companies i.e. Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Social Trade Ltd., 3W Digital Private Ltd. & Intmaart Pvt. 

Social Trade Fraud:-

SFIO(Serious Fraud Investigation Office), the Income Tax department and Hyderabad police do their investigation on social trade scam or fraud. This fraud is estimated to Rs.3700cr. which makes it bigger than the Saradha Scam. The Saradha Scam unrevealed in West Bengal in 2013. The SocialTrade fraud is detected by the Special Task force of UP police. Officers said that ” Mittal and his members cheating nearly 6 lakh investors of Rs.3726 Cr. They cheat people in the name of promotion through like on their website. They said that they earn Rs.6 per like out of which they give Rs.5 to investors. A report said that there are 4 investment plans offer by the SocialTrade company. But after their migration into Frenzzup, they change their plans.

When the investigators, investigate into all asset made by Anubhav Mittal and his company by defrauding investors. These assets come under Section 5 of the “Prevention of Money Laundering” Act,2002.

Social Trade Fraud

The enforcement directorate raids on Lucknow office and register a case under anti-money laundering act. Director of ED Rajeshwar Singh said  that”Searches have resulted in a recovery of incriminating documents.” The agencies are busy in gathering evidence against Anubhav Mittal while people support for Anubhav Mittal at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. When first of all these scams revealed only 2 F.I.R filed but now more than 60K+ Filed against Anubhav Mittal. Now STF officers investigate Mittal contacts for further evidence. Documents seized from Social Trade Office revealed a huge amount of money had been laundered through many methods. The Special Task Force (STF) Seized Rs. 510 Crore in 12 accounts. All 12 accounts linked to the social trade company.

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Anubhav Mittal Wife Gone Underground:-


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The Enforcement Directorate said, “The documents recovered are likely to be useful for the recovery of cheated funds as well as properties acquired out of proceeding of the crime beyond the seized amount of Rs. 510 Crore.

Anubhav Mittal’s wife Ayushi is the co-director of the companies. Police believed she also involves in the Social Trade Fraud. She lived in Kanpur But now she went underground. Some of the latest news report that STF and UP Police seize Anubhav house in Kanpur. Now STF & UP Police do their further investigation. According to investigators, his father was a co-director of Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt Ltd when it was formed in the year 2011. But he quits the company and starts a electronics shop.

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Latest Updates Anubhav Mittal(Social Trade):-

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