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Social Trade changed to Frenzzup.com-Latest Update

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Latest Update/News from Frenzzup.com-

  • Socialtade.biz is migrated to a newer platform with new features. The new way of Social Media Networking life which is Frenzzup.com.
  • The new name of our platform for all our loyal Associates is frenZzup. From now onwards all of us will meet at Frenzzup.com.
  • This Transformation is IMPORTANT for all of us to fit and suit. The new notification of Reserve Bank of India released in January 2017.



  • All associates of Social trade are requested to change their approach.
  • No one will be allowed to misuse and misrepresent the old model to new model through youtube videos or any others form.
  • Just follow the instructions published on the website. The New model is a progressive model in the common interest of all.


  • Task Income of 23rd to 29th January 2017 and Promotional Income of 30th December will be remitted by our company on 1st February 2017.
  • Income of 8th to 15th January 2017 and Promotional Income of 6th January 2017 will be remitted by a company on 8th February.
  • Income of 1st to 7th January 2017 and Promotional Income of 13th January 2017 will be remitted by the company on 15th February 2017.
  • Promotional Income of 27th January 2017 will be remitted by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Ltd. on 22nd February 2017.  


  • Important notes regarding the existing practice and migration steps. SocialTrade.biz will be used with your login credentials only for recalling Pending work.
  • Pending work till 25th January 2017 can be recalled from ST from 5th-15th Feb 2017. No Task will be provided for 27th January 2017.
  • For Tasks dated from 30th January 2017, Users will start and continue to perform their task on Frenzzup.com.


  • Users who have transferred their payments on or before 27th January 2017 into the Ablaze bank account, they will have to Signup and upload their payment details on SocialTrade.biz.
  • After the Signup, they will have to upload their KYC documents on SocialTrade.biz.
  • Activation procedure will happen automatically for Frenzzup.com. Now, the User will have to go to Frenzzup.com. After that, create their page for initiating the web promotion process.
  • Frenzzup.com is NOT a flagship brand of Ablaze Info Solutions. Hence there is a proper transfer process of epoints enlisted on Frenzzup.com            

Steps to Initiate Task on  Frenzzup.com:-

  • Login into Frenzzup.com. using the old Login credentials of Social Trade. Firstly, every User has to transfer their balance services (Purchased ePoints) from www.socialtrade.biz to Frenzzup.com.
  • The User has to submit a self-declaration and Agree for migrating to the new platform Frenzzup.com.
  • The balance will automatically reflect there; the amount of Rs.11.5/- per epoints will be transferred to frenZzup automatically. The Invoice for the Transferred epoints will be available to view.Now, the User can initiate a task on Frenzzup.com.            

Steps to Initiate and Become an AFFILIATE on INTMAART:-


  • For all Existing Users at Social Trade, use the same credentials of Social Trade as they are AFFILIATES by default.
  • For all new prospective Affiliates, they should have ONE referral ID of an existing Affiliate.
  • This new perspective Affiliate can sign up for FREE using an existing Affiliate’s ID as his/ her Sponsor.
  • ALL Affiliates (old & new) can recommend to any consumer who wants to buy INTMAART products.
  • This is possible even if an Affiliate has not bought any product from INTMAART.
  • Affiliate will be paid commission both on Normal Products and Great Value Deal Products.
  • Even if an Affiliate does not buy a product but recommends IntMaart products to others, he/she will be paid commission.
  • An Affiliate will be paid 5% commission on the Great Value Deal Products.If an Affiliate recommends a minimum of 3 Affiliates ( 2 Direct & 1 Indirect/ Direct) and these sponsored Affiliates have made a minimum of 1 BV Sale. Then the Affiliate will be paid commission based on left and right zones balanced business Value points.
  • For all other Products, the Sales recommended by him/her will be categorized in Zones: Left and Right Zone.
  • All Sales recommended on the Left & Right zones, the reference commission will be paid @ Rs.600 for 1 balanced Business Volume.


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