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Why is SocialTrade/AISPL Totally Legal? Letter to release Anubhav Mittal From Police Custody

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Anubhav Mittal letter AISPL

Social Trade Latest News Today:-

Why is SocialTrade Totally Legal? Letter to release Anubhav Mittal From Police Custody:-
Anubhav Mittal letter AISPL

Subject: – Support Letter, requesting to release Mr.Anubhav Mittal, the CMD of M/S, Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited (AISPL) From Police/Judicial Custody.

Respected Sir,
Anubhav Mittal (Managing Director of AISPL) was arrested along with CEO Mr.Sridhar and Technical Manager Mr. Mahesh Dayal on 2nd Feb 2017 from his office at F-472, Sector-63, Noida. In this regards, we would like to highlight and bring to your notice that:

  • This arrest was a total injustice to Anubhav Mittal who always worked and thought for the benefits of common people of India.
  • There is no Fraud involved in AISPL Company and we all are giving our full assurance as Mr.Anubhav Mittal has always has been very supportive to every Business Associates/Advertisers.
  • More than 12 lakhs people of India are associated with Mr.Anubhav Mittal’s company AISPL and his company AISPL created work-at-home Income opportunity for the people of Indian Citizen only who has valid Adhaar card/PAN card/Bank Account.
  • We the Associates/Advertisers of AISPL are fully satisfied. We never faced any problem regarding payments, as everything done only in Digital/Online System.
  • Company AISPL always Paid Service Taxes on Time and Submitted TDS as per the Government Rules.
  • AISPL always made payments on Time to its Business Associates/Advertisers/Subscribers.

    Only once, due to some Technical updates and due to some delay from Bank in Payments, the Company AISPL could not release payments from 2nd week of January to 20th January 2017. The Company AISPL declared beforehand the matter of “Delaying Payments” in their website.
  • The company also declared the Dates on which it will not release Payment and the dates on which it releases pending payments.
  • Mr. Anubhav is a Genius person. During his college time, he is famous for his innovative and nicknames “PhunsookWangroo” in almost all the 50 universities/College/Gr Noida.
  • Aged just 26 years, Anubhav Mittal is a young Genius Entrepreneur, who took his company to Fastest growing companies in the world in just 18 months (Alexa Ranking). He has the ability to OUT PASS the companies like Google and Facebook. And it has also the capability and mind to create similar and/or Better New World Class Platforms and make/take DIGITAL INDIA to new level/heights.
  • As the Police said, AISPL’s Work Operations SHOULD NOT be called as Ponzi scheme. Rather, AISPL works on the similar and/or somewhat BETTER way than Google and facebook are doing.
  • For example, (a) Google charges the money through “AdSense”, where people or Company deposits money to Google account and Google promote their products or services through clicking. (b) Facebook, on the other hand, is a platform where people associated themselves with social networking and Facebook make money by showing one’s advertisement to others.
  • Similarly, AISPL/Socialtrade.biz was charging money only to promote our websites or web pages to others who are associated with AISPL/Socialtrade.
  • This means the business associates/subscribers/advertisers must purchase Advertising Packages to promote our websites or Facebook pages or any other web pages in Socialtrade. And this was the primary mandatory condition to join AISPL.
  • In addition to promoting a website or web pages, if any subscriber wants to earn money on the internet, then he/she needs to do some work/task by viewing other advertisements.
  • In this way, a big network of subscribers and/or people seeking job/task at created and Huge Employment Source was created in India. 12 lakhs peoples of India got Employment through this wonderful idea/concept with 18 months only.
  • The only difference between these Foreign Company’s Advertising Platform’s and in AISPL’s/Socialtrade’s Platform was that (a) In these Foreign platforms lie Google and Facebook, our common people loses money and the foreign owner’s only gains/profits Money. Whereas, (b) In Socialtrade, a WIN-WIN scenario came out for both owners as well as from common people by creating huge employment opportunity for 12 lakhs people of India in just 18 months. So, in SocialTrade both owner and common people gains/profit money.
  • The two common thing in all these companies have:- (a) BIG NETWORK OF PEOPLE, bigger the network, then a company becomes more powerful. (b) ADVERTISING is only or main source of income.


  • The socialtrade.biz firm was registered under the name of AISPL(Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt Ltd.) in Noida and the accused used to constantly change the portal’s name. socialtrade.biz to frihub.com, then frihub.com to frenzzup.com
  • So far the firm defrauded over 6.5 lakh people collecting around Rs 3,700 crore, police said. Further investigation is in a process.
  • Anubhav Mittal, who is said to be the kingpin, holds a B.Tech degree and hails from Ghaziabad. Prasad is from Visakhapatnam and Dayal is from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Besides seizing Rs 500 crore from a bank, police have seized various documents including the balance sheet of the company, list of directors and other officials and list of investors. The payments of people that paid for their work was stopped due to an inquiry.
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