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Social Trade 18 March 2017 Latest News|Latest Updates For ST Users March Update

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Social Trade 18 March 2017 Latest News|Latest Updates For ST Users March Update:-

Updates for ST:-

There are few updates for ST, we have to understand the situation as a mature person, there are a lot of positive things and the good news is on the way. As we all kept patience till now with hopes that ST will come back soon, we all prayed a lot for Mittal ji and his team, hence we all know that our belief on Mittal Ji is a strength for us and same is a strength for him also. So we would like to share some good thoughts with you all that some our senior Associates personally went to meet Mittal Ji yesterday 15th march in Lucknow jail and were fortunate enough to meet him personally and discussed everything in details about an hour.

Seniors Meet Mittal Ji:-

One thing they have noticed about him at first glance that he was same energetic and excited about ST. They found that he was double sure and 1000% positive about ST and its future. All seniors were surprised to see that after going through a lot of stress in past few months he is more confident. He had discussed a lot of technical points in his case and told them nothing to worry about. At last, we will win for sure.

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Whats’s Next on 18th March:-

Now few things I would like to clarify in your mind that, as we know and floated in previous messages also that next hearing Date is 18th March, yes that is right but do not expect any big news on that day, as few peoples are floating rumors that he will get bail on 18th.  I would like to highlight few technical points here that his lawyers are not forwarding bail application till the time ED is not going submit Final Charge sheet on him. As lawyers are waiting for their final versions for charges, the govt authorities have maximum 60-90 days of time for charge sheet.

However, chances are that they will submit within 60 days as most of the IPC act on him have provision to submit charge sheet within 60 days except one which has a limit of 90 days. Now why he should wait for charge sheet for bail application, because once charges  by authorities are final they cannot add up any new thing , and if takes bail before charge sheet and if he is not willing to access company accounts than he can’t run company, hence accounts opening is equally important as his bail, also if any other new FIR against him can go in favor of authorities to detain him again.

Is Social Trade Back Again (What Mittal Ji Said):-

Anubhav Mittal said as soon as he comes out he need one month only to restart the biz again. With all possible new opportunities, the good part is that all data and imp. things are on clouds. Hence no loss of data or anything.  So the maximum time can go to the month of April for him to come out. Max month of May is required to settle down. Everything in terms of company operations, and most probably in the month of June 2017. Company will be running operations smoothly as per him.

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He said the support and love of ST family made him strong and nothing can stop him. He requested to all ST family members to stay positive & keep talking to your teammates for assurance from the company. Anubhav Mittal Said ST is not a company for him, ST is a dream and vision for him. He assured us that everyone in ST team will rock in coming months and fulfill his/her dream. Thanking you.

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