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Top 5 Best and Popular Apps To Transfer Files Between Phone and PC Using Wifi

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Transfer Files

Hello friends, In this post, we are looking at Top 10 Best file transferring apps which help to share your file in few minutes. As we all know without apps our smartphones in incomplete. Smartphones never called smart without apps.  We always in search of best apps to make our daily life easy. So essential apps make our smartphones looking good and help to improve smartphones working. Earlier we use the long process to transfer files from Mobile to Pc.

Transfer Files
Top 5 Best and Popular Apps To Transfer Files Between Smartphones and PC Via Wifi

But as smartphones upgrading there are so many apps available in store to make this process faster. Earlier we use USB cable or drag/drop system to transfer files between two phones. These are old methods and taking too much, so in this post, we are listed Top 5 Popular  File Transfering Apps which help you to transfer files via Wifi from Android to PC. You can also transfer files without using USB Cables.

5 Best and Popular Apps To Transfer Files Between Smartphones and PC Via Wifi

1. AirDroid: –

[appbox googleplay com.sand.airdroid]

AirDroid is the best app to Transfer file between smartphones and PC using WiFi. AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone from Windows or Mac.You can also manage the android smartphone from your Pc with the web browser. This app allows you to see all folders and files on your smartphones.

How to use:-

  • Just install and open the App on the smartphone.
  • You will get an IP address that you will enter in the address bar of other device web browser.
  • You need a password to log in.
  • After login, you can view all folders and files on your phone.

2. SuperBeam: –

[appbox googleplay com.majedev.superbeam] Superbeam is another best app to transfer files between smartphones and PC. It is free transferring app. It also works on Wireless network and sends your files to PC with Smooth. You can share any files, folder, music and apps to your PC. You can also share contacts with Using superbeam. So Superbeam is helping you to share your contacts direct to Pc without making a backup of your contacts. Another great feature of a super beam is that it have QR scan so all your information reaching safely to other PC.

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3. ShareiT:-

[appbox googleplay  com.lenovo.anyshare.gps] Share is another best apps for transferring files between PC and smartphones. It is available both for PC and smartphones. It doesn’t require any USB cable or no internet. Share app is best for Samsung devices. Shareit is faster than any other transferring apps and 200x time faster than bluetooth. You can share your file whenever or wherever you want. You can share any photos, media, music or preinstalled apps from your smartphones to your Pc. ShareiT also allows to view your photos and play music on your computers. You can also replicate contacts, SMS messages, music or any other data from your old phone to new one with ShareiT.


[appbox googleplay com.pushbullet.android.portal&]

Portal is another best apps for transferring files between Smartphones and PC using Wifi. It doesn’t require any data connection for sharing. Portal is an app for Pushbullet Chrome. Portal is the best app to transfer huge files or large data to smartphones or Pc. You can share your file with ease by just a few clicks. If your Android device or Pc are on the same network then Portal work great in transferring files. You can transfer any files, photos, videos or apps with Portal app. It is more quickly when your Pc and smartphones are on the same network.

How to use:-

  • Just Open the app and pull up portal.pushbullet.com on your computer.
  • Now you are ready to transfer files between Pc and smartphones.


[appbox googleplay cn.xender]
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Xender is an inbuilt app for many smartphones. It is the fastest app for transferring Files and transfer the large file at the speed of 4-5 Mbps. You can share any movies, pictures or any media with Xender. Xender have some security issue i.e leaking your privacy but overall transferring speed is high in Xender. Xender helps you to transfer file between your PC and smartphones by few slides of fingers. No cable, no internet, no data usage require transferring files to friends or Pc anytime. Xender is also available for PC. You can download it from its official website.

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