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Top 5 Philips Headphones Under Rs.500 You Must Have 2017

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 Philips Headphones Under Rs.500:-

In this Post We’re looking at Top 5 Philips Headphones Under 500 You Must Buy 2017. Headphones are the best way to enjoy music. But for buying a Latest and best headphones, Peoples always look for the brand and sound quality. Look my previous post on Top 5 Best Headphone Brands in India 2017. Philips is the best brand for manufacturing good sound instrument and electrical equipment. The headphone is one of the top gadgets that changes the history of a music industry. After the invention of this gadget, it is relaxing to hear music and it’s possible to hear music wherever you are or whenever you want. This gadget takes the music industry to a new level. Many brands in the market are established in the field of manufacturing headphone. For this Reason, finding the best  Headphones in the market is the very daunting task.

The best headphone has some features like it is in-ear, on-ear, over-ear and wireless headphone.Also, look at this article Top 5 Best shaving kit for all men. One of the best features is the noise cancellation feature. This feature is known as the best feature of a headphone. It canceled the noise when you hear music or talk with someone on a headphone. Under 500 Philips provide you best headphones with good sound quality and stylish look. So, In this post, we’re listing top 5 best Philips headphones Under Rs.500.

philips-headphones under 500 rs.

Types of headphones:-

The headphone is the best gadget known for listening to music. But it has various types according to its features. Here we read about various types of headphones.

In-ear headphones:-

This is the most common headphone in which earbud are placed into your ear. This type of headphone provides you best bass. Due to in- ear placement it provides great sound and blocks the outside sound of your surroundings.

On-ear headphone:-

This is one of the biggest upgrades for headphone. This is the best feature of a headphone, in in-ear headphones they use buds but in on-ear headphones they use pads. Pads are sat directly on the ear who use headphones. But every pad is not suitable for every person. So it is necessary to test before purchasing one.

Over-ear headphone:-

The over-ear headphone is large in size, so they are not so likely. Due to their size issue, they are discomforting to many people. They usually offer decent noise isolation too. So these types of headphones are not much good for people.

Hi-fi headphone:-

Hi-fi Headphones are known as the over-ear headphone. These are the best headphone used at home. Open backed headphone are used for best sound quality. This kind of headphones provides sound an airy and wide quality of sound that close headphone can’t give you.

Noise canceling headphone:-

Noise cancellation is a clever tech in the headphone manufacturing field. This is the best feature for that you think ones before buying one. Active noise canceling works on low and mid- frequency noises. It does not work well on high-frequency noises. Noise canceling headphones are your best partner when you are traveling because they canceled engine sound perfectly.

Philips Headphones Under 500-

Here is the list of best Philips in-ear headphones and on-ear headphones under 500 in India. All the headphones are at best price and best bass sound. Links for these products are also given so check the list and Buy best one:-

#5.Philips SBCHL140/98 Ear Headphone:-(Rs 300)

philips headphones



Philips SBCHL140 is cheap and best headphone under Rs.500. This headphone work great in this price and it is light weight. For better sound, this headphone provide noise isolation. This Ear Headphone has a soft plastic part on the ear- shell reduce cable strain that protects the connection and prevent damage from repeated bending. Philips SBCHL140/98 has great bass beat and allow air movement for better sound with deep rich bass. It is very suitable for wearing and deliver crisp and powerful sound.

  • Comfort for wearing
  • Lightweight (159g)
  • 6 months warranty
  • 3.5mm Jack pin
  • Long lasting
  • Compatible with laptop, PC or smartphones


  • Without Mic
  • Bass is little low and noise cancellation is about 10-20%
  • Loudness is bit low

#4.Philips lightweight SBCHL 140/00 on-ear headphone:-(Rs.249)
philips headphones                                                   

This headphone by Philips is the ultra lightweight headphone that provides you rich deep sound. It’s reinforced cable connection ensures extra durability. Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound. It is equipped with 30mm speaker driver for a good sound performance and quality. This headphones ultra lightweight headband provides you comfort and fit.

  • Ultra lightweight headphone.
  •  Reinforced cable connection for extra durability.
  •  30mm speaker driver for performance.

#3.Philips SHP 1900/97 On-ear headphone:-(Rs380)
philips headphones


If we are talking about comfort, flexibility, and performance for a headphone, then this headphone is all that we need. This headphone is lightweight so it enhances your comfort. Ear cushions of this headphone give you a good bass response and comfort to your ears. It’s 2m long cable helps you in traveling and handling your player.

  • 2m long cable.
  • Ear cushions that improve bass response.
  • A lightweight headphone that provides good sound performance.

#2.Philips SHS390 On-Ear Stereo Headphone:-(Rs.359)
philips headphones       


The Philips headphone is the best companion. This headphone have a 32mm sound driver and facilitates better sound quality. It has Neodymium magnet and bass beat vent help in creating an enhanced audio experience. This headphone have a stylish design and better sound quality. It is very lightweight so it offers better grip and makes the headphones comfortable to use. This headphone is equipped with a sturdy cable that offers smooth sound transmission and comfortable.

  • 32mm speaker driver
  • Bass beat vent allow air movement for better sound
  • Neodynium magnet enhance bass performance and sensitivity
  • 1.2m long cable
  • 6 months warranty
  • Compatible with Laptop, PC, and smartphones


  • Without Mic
  • Less noise reduction
  • No button on the wire.

#1.Philips indoor SHP2000 headphone:-(Rs.495)

philips headphones


With superb comfort and fully adjustable for music and PC this headphone is one of the best Philips headphones with a good price range in the market. The lightweight material makes the headband comfortable and durable for you. The easily adjustable headband provide the ultimate support that provides you the close fittings which give you optimal performance.

  • Comfortable and durable headband.
  •  Lightweight material is used.
  •  Ear cushions improve bass response.
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