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How to Move Socialtrade.biz Service to FrenzzUp Latest News-Tech5

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How to Move Socialtrade.biz Service to FrenzzUp.Com:-

Hi friends, This article is all about how to use or Migrate your all SocialBiz data to Frenzzup.com. In this article, we are discussing the guidelines to use FrenzzUp. In this guideline article, we talked about three main steps. These are:-

  • Main STEP 1 – Migrate Service from Socailtrade.biz to FrenzzUp.
  • Main STEP 2 – Create Page in Frenzzup.com.
  • Main STEP 3 – Add Campaigning to Frenzzup.com

Video Tutorial:-

Procedure to migrate SocialTrade service to Frenzzup-

Step 1 – Migrate Service from Socailtrade.biz to FrenzzUp:-

If you are the SocialTrade customer or use SocialTrade from Past months, then you have to know that the Socialtrade.biz is now changed into the Frenzzup. So for its regular use, you have to migrate service from Socialtrade.biz to Frenzzup. Here are three steps described below for migration.

  • First of all, you have to login into the socialtrade.biz. After logging in you can see the four box named as Migrate Your Service, Complete Pending Work, My Accounts & Help Center. Now proceed to step 2.

  • Click “Migrate your Service”.You have to click on the migrate your service. Let’s proceed to step 3.

  • Under Self Declaration, Click “ I agree & Confirm “. Click Migrate Services.This is the final step for migration of service from social transformation.biz to Frenzzup.

  • After clicking on migrate your service, under self-declaration click on ” I agree & Confirm” and click on migrate services. That’s great now your service are migrated.

STEP 2 – Create Page in Frenzzup.com:-

After completing the main step 1. Now I am telling you how to create a page in Frenzzup.com. There are three main steps to create a Page in Frenzzup.com. Here are three steps described below:-

  • Log in to  Frenzzup and click on + Create Page.For creating a page in Frenzzup you have to login into the Frenzzup then in the left sidebar, you can see an option name as + Create Page. Now click on + Create Page. Now proceed to step 2

  •  Put details to create a page. After clicking on + Create Page, a pop-up box appears. In this box fill all the details that are asked you to fill up. After filling up all the required details click on click on complete.

  •  The page is created. Now your page is successfully created on Frenzzup. You can see your page shown on the left sidebar.

STEP 3 – Add Campaigning to Frenzzup.com:-

It is the most important step in the guidelines. In this step, I am telling you how to add campaigning to Frenzzup. Let’s take a review on 4 steps to add campaigning.

  •  Login to Frenzzup and click on + Create Advert.

First of all login into the Frenzzup. After logging into Frenzzupin the left sidebar you see an option named as + Create Advert. Now click on it.now proceed to step 2.

Note: – User can login to frenzzup.com using same user id & password of socialtrade.biz

  • Click to Add Campaign.

After clicking on + Create Advert. A new page will be open. In this new page click on the add campaign that shows the right side.

  • Add Campaigning details in below window and Do Submit.

In step 3, fill all the details that are required to start campaigning. After filling all the details click on Submit.

Note :-

1) The user will have to go to Frenzzup and create their page for initiating the web promotion process.

Allotted Point=0; ( This tab is disabled, automatically it is ZERO ) Free Point =50 ( if applicable ) IF SOME ISSUE FACED while filling DATA. LOGOUT AND LOGIN Again and keep trying.

STEP4: – Campaigning Add

  • After that, click on Submit. Your campaign is added successfully.

So, friends, these are the three steps for Transfering your all Social Trade Data to frenzzup.com. Stay Tune for more Updates.

For any query or information related to frenzzup.com (SocialTrade) contact to:-

  • Suresh Sharma
  • Mob No.- +91 9034606195
  • WhatsApp No.- +91 9034606195
  • Email Id- [email protected]
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