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How to lock or unlock your PC with Pendrive

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Hello friends, In this article I am telling you how to use the pen drive to lock and unlock your PC. All of us want to secure our PC, mobiles, tablets etc. But do you know that you use your pen-drive as a security key for your PC? Simply You can turn your pen-drive into a security key so nobody can access your PC without this security key. You can lock or unlock your PC with pen-drive. So below are the steps to secure your PC from others.

So to  start this amazing trick, we require a software name ‘Predator’ that turn your pen-drive into security locker. Without the predator, nobody can access your PC. When you unplug the pen drive it automatically locks down your system. This is an advanced type of protection. Predator locks and unlocks your PC with a flash drive or Pen drive.

. Download and install “Predator” software from its official website as a trial.


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. Install and open the software after downloading.

.After installation when you launch the software it asks to set the passwordSet the password but also, ensure that your pen drive is also connected to your PC.


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. If you unplug the pen-drive, Predator automatically close or don’t work. Now Predator is ready to lock your PC from pen-drive and prevent another user to use your PC. Now Open Predator software setting.

.Open predator setting.

.Here you set time interval according to your choice. The default time interval in predator is 30 seconds. It means when you unplug the pen-drive your system automatically lock in 30 sec.

.Open predator setting.

.You can change the setting according to your need.

.Open predator setting.

.When you unplug your pen-drive from your system it automatically messages you with a warning sign. It asks you to enter your password. If you put a wrong password it automatically blacks the screen with access denied message.

.Open predator setting.

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