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Latest Social Trade News|Anubhav Mittal Court Hearing|SocialTrade is Back 15 Feb

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Anubhav Mittal Court

Latest Social Trade News|Anubhav Mittal Court Hearing:-

Anubhav is presented in the court for the hearing of Socialtrade.biz scam/Noida scam of Rs.3700 crore today at 3 PM. In this scam, 7 lakh people were affected and approx 4500 FIR filed against Socialtrade PVT. Limited. Anubhav Mittal presented in the court at 3 PM. Anti-lawyer asked many questions from Anubhav Mittal in the court. Due to lack of evidence, Anubhav Mittal had an opportunity for Bail. But Mittal decided to drop the mind to seek bail. Anubhav Mittal wants to face all the judicial activity to win this case.

Social Trade Latest News Today:-

Anubhav Mittal Releasing Date:-

Latest Social Trade News
Latest Social Trade News

According to Latest News,”Anubhav Mittal released from Police custody on 13 February 2017 and starts SocialTrade.Biz/Frenzzup from 15th February. Anubhav Mittal also starts Frihub.com after he released from Police custody on 13 February. People are eagerly waiting for their social trade money or refund. But Some of the main members said that after getting bail from Court Anubhav Mittal will release all the pending payments of socialtrade.biz or frenzzup.com members.

Latest Social Trade News|Jantar Mantar Supporting Rally:

From the last few Days, peoples gathered at Jantar Mantar for supporting Anubhav Mittal. About 1.5 Lakh people Gathered at Jantar Mantar for supporting their business hero Anubhav Mittal. People said, “Anubhav provide us jobs at home and help us to fulfill our dreams.” Peoples also thought media is against socialtrade.biz But after the hearing in the court of Anubhav Mittal people are very positive that Anubhav Mittal is innocent & all fraud news were a lie to them. Some senior lawyers also claimed if Anubhav Mittal gets bailed from court he can restart and continue the business. If he stops the business, the amount will be refunded by the UP Government but it will take a long time. Finally, lawyers told that Anubhav Mittal has a full support from politically and from investors. There are no negative things that affect the personal carrier of Anubhav Mittal. So don’t feel worried about Social Trade back soon.

Note: – All the information is taken from News. They are for an educational purpose only. We are not responsible for any loss/wrong purpose.

Important notice for all Social trade Members:-

  1. After complete interrogation of STF with Anubhav Mittal along with SocialTrade legal Team. Then Anubhav Mittal takes the right decision for all Social Trade members.
  2. Social Trade Legal Team met Anubhav Mittal in the Police custody, where Anubhav Mittal told them Primary FIR is about to be withdrawn.
  3. The legal team also mentioned that if no other FIR is filed in the next 10 Days then the company, start operations within approx 10-15 days times.
  4. You have to keep your NEFT details ready for future references.
  5. If you lose your patience then case get complicated and we will all lose more. So Keep calm and patience. Stay away from all negativity.
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Anubhav Mittal Get Bail in 2 Min But:-

  • JC= Judicial Custody
  • PC=Police Custody
  • PR=Police Remand
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According to the source, Judge decision today is JC, not any PC or PR. So we can hope this is the good sign for all of us that the Judge didn’t feel that he can put in PC or PR. The judge rejected the appeal of STF asking for PC or PR as they given enough time and he is not convinced in such case where he can put in PC or PR.

As we all know to get a bail is not difficult for Mr.Anupam Mittal. He can get bail in “2 min” but he wants to come out with a “clean chit”  from the court. As per the court rule, no one can be put in police custody more than 14 days so wait until 6-7 more days. So keep calm and wait for the final decision.  Be patience and avoid all negativity. Because negativity is the only way to make this more complicated. So be positive and wait till next update. There are many reasons that Socialtrade.Biz is legal.

Top reasons to prove SocialTrade is legal:-

  • Socialtrade.biz is a portal of Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited & Ablaze Info Solution Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. That means a company is going through a legal process of International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Income Tax Department (ITD) has already given him the clean chit, that means all taxes are paid by this company.
  • After the FIR is filed, the Anubhav Mittal himself went to the Police Station that shows his innocence.
  • There are only two written FIRs against SocialTrade (Socialtrade.biz) company. These FIRs is common with such a big company. But a huge amount of Rs. 3700 crore ( Rs. 37 Million) made it a big news.
  • We all know that More than 5 Lakh peoples are the member of Social Trade company. They all knew that what Socialtrade.biz do for them, that’s why these peoples are in favor of Anubhav Mittal.

Special For Anubhav Mittal:-

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