How to run your favourites android apps in Google Chrome

run android apps in google chrome

Today there are many users want to run android apps on their PC. There are multiple of android emulators that are accessible on the internet to run the android app or games on the PC. But most of the people don’t use the emulator due to its slow speed and flat look. So people always look for another convenience method to run their favourite android apps and games on the PC. So in this post, I Am writing about how to run your favourite android apps in google chrome.

The method I use is very simple and straightforward so that you can enjoy it on your computer screen. By this trick or method, you can run all your favourite android apps and games on the PC with good speed and simple method. The method is simple and you just need to install a cool plugin named ARC Welder. Arc welder is also an emulator but this only works in google chrome. Google chrome allows arc welder to run android apps on your PC. So below are givens steps to run android apps in Google chrome:-

Steps to run Android apps in Google chrome-


  • Download the latest Google chrome or just update your current google chrome. All the tricks and methods always work in the latest browser. Now just sign in to your google chrome account and go to the web store and Download Arc Welder.
  • Now next step is to just download your favourite app file from play store or make the backup of it. Another method is to download android apps from any third party like Androidpur or apkmirror or anywhere.


  • Now after downloading the app to your PC. Go to chrome browser and open apps in the left corner of the browser. There you see the Arc welder app. If it successfully installs in your google chrome then it’s shown in the apps.

Arc welder 3

  • Just click on the ARC WELDER and add your Favourite app or also you can set the familiarization of the app to be viewed.

Other Reads-

That’s it! You did it and now you can successfully run any your favourite apps or games on the google chrome by a reliable speed and with comfort. Google chrome is now called as your android emulator so that you run all your favourite apps and games in google chrome with better speed and  there is no requirement of any special emulator to be install on your PC. Emulator increases the pressure on your system and consumes more space and ram so that you cannot play your android games on your emulator with high speed. So that the method that I tell you above is the best method to run all your Android Apps in Google chrome.

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