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Hike Messenger Beats WhatsApp To Launching Messenger App Payments in India

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Hike Messenger 5.0

Hike Messenger beats WhatsApp To launching messenger app payments in India

The Hike Messenger is one of the best messaging app used in India. Hike is specially developed to be targeted India. Hike starts funding from Tencent last year. Now Hike takes one more step in their progress by emulating the Chinese Company WeChat with the introduction of mobile payments.

The new app is known as Hike Pay. This app is not only made with the ambition of messaging but it is also used for payments. In other words, Hike beats WhatsApp, the app that made for India. Facebook-owned WhatsApp for future updates and services. The co-founder Brian Acton states that they will launch digital payments in India. WhatsApp has the largest active users in India. It has 200 million active users. Meanwhile, Hike doesn’t have that many active users but it is stated that Hike now have 100 million registered users and the current value of Hike is $1.4 billion approximately.

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Hike 5.0 Verison

Hike Messenger 5.0
Hike Messenger 5.0

Today Hike Messenger introduces its new version of its app. This app is used to make payments peer to peer and bank to bank. This app is not dependent on a bank account and the latter a service is powered by Indian Government Backed UPI Payment System. Other than this feature, this app also has a blue packet feature that allows you to send cash in a digital envelope for special occasions like the birthday.

Hike Payment Mode
Hike Messenger Payment Mode

This feature is taken from WeChat and the tradition of Hongbao in China. The WeChat payment system is very particular and grow rapidly in China. WeChat payment system is used to send cash to relative and friends with the digital envelope on the Chinese New Year.

In an interview, the CEO and founder of Hike Messenger Kavin Bharti Mittal described a product like WeChat red envelope. He explained that we have drawn some inspiration from our friends in China. We think it is going to be extremely exciting.

Hike Blue Packets
Hike Blue Packets

Red envelope feature is the main cause of getting popularized of WeChat in China. With the help of WeChat people easily send cash or receiving cash on the occasion without any kind of difficulty. Now you don’t need ant kind of bank account details or card details to send or receive cash.

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Hike Messenger is thinking in the same way. They want that people can send money without any kind of difficulty. This payment is done peer to peer or bank to bank. Bharti Mittal said that our goal is to lay the foundations for years to come, with a heavy focus on social payment. We were laying the foundations for payment and this the first step. We focus on social because it is our core.

Now Hike Messenger is giving the feature to pay online Phone Bill Payments and recharge option. Yes Bank offers these features in the Hike Messenger. But in the future, they can add some more options for making all kind of payments. Using UPI Payment System, Bharti Mittal said that it helps to bring developer and partners close. This also helps it to extend Hike Pay in next Six Months.


One of the big issues is that WhatsApp is a common one. The WhatsApp is booming in the market. It is due to the simplicity of this app and works with almost all kind of internet connection. Facebook well knows about the popularity of WhatsApp in the India and other countries.

WhatsApp has more active user than Hike. Hike Messenger can’t show any kind of increment in their uses from January 2016. This may be a negative point to the Hike. But Bharti Mittal said that his company is well used in India and show a good progress in the Indian market. He also stated that in many people’s smartphone both WhatsApp and Hike used at the same time.

Hike 5.0 is app social network like timeline features and many other messaging features. Bharti Mittal explained that market is comfortable with sharing photos and videos. One we got wrong with this is that one replaces other from that. But now it doesn’t.

The others features of Hike 5.0 is that you can customize your theme color and design. Give your camera some more feature for taking some quality photos. The file size is also reduced from 40mb to 25mb.

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