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Top 5 Google chrome tips and tricks you didn’t know

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google chrome tips and tricks

Google chrome tips and tricks:-

Google chrome is the most downloaded browser for your PC and smartphones. This browser is known as the most trustable web browser. It is simply fast and easy to use. This browser comes with many features like

  • Search instantly- This feature is the best feature I have known. You will search and navigate at the same time from the same box. As you type in search box, it will show you the results at the same time.
  • Type less-  If you are tired of filling the search terms in your search box. Then this feature helps you to type less in your search box because autofill helps you to fill information in just one click. By using this autofill feature you can skip all the little typing.

These are the common feature you know about your chrome browser. But today I want to introduce you with 5 tips and tricks you don’t about your chrome browser. Some of these features make your daily routine of browsing to a next level. Some of them help you in your office works.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks of Chrome Browser:-

#1. Incognito mode:-

google chrome incognito mode

Anyone wants that when they were browsing their history will not be concealed. Then everyone has a name in their mind that is INCOGNITO MODE. This feature allows you to browse without make history. To turn on this feature in your Google chrome you have to follow this simple command CTRL+SHIFT+N. By pressing these your incognito mode is on.

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#2. Tip to open new tab:-

google chrome new tab

When you do work you want that you easily open a new tab in your Google chrome browser. Here is a shortcut key to open a new tab in your Google chrome browser. By pressing Ctrl+t you will open a new tab.

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#3. Bookmark a website in Google chrome:-

gooogle chrome bookmark

It is a common thing to forget a web address while browsing. So people do bookmark that website or web address they need later. Here is a shortcut key that will help you to bookmark a website and web address in your Google Chrome browser. By simply pressing Ctrl+D you can bookmark any website that opens in the browser.

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#4. Bookmarks website in another PC by using Google chrome browser:-

If you are using a chrome browser and you log in that browser then you are able to save your bookmarks through your Google ID. When you are using a different PC and you want to get bookmark web address that saved in your PC then log in with the same Google ID that you used on your PC and you can easily get your all bookmark web address and website into new PC.

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#5. Easily download videos from youtube:-

ss download youtube video

If you are using Google chrome browser on your PC, then it is very easy to download any videos from youtube without using any other software. You can simply add ss after www. In URL like www.ssyoutube this will help you in the downloading video.

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