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Social Trade latest News-How to Get your SocialTrade Money Back

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Social Trade latest update-How to Get your Socialtrade money back official confirmation-From the last 6 months, social trade scam is trending all over the Internet. People invest their money to earn online money but all things are the scam. Anubhav Mittal was arrested by Up special task force. People gathered at Jantar Mantar or many other places to release Anubhav Mittal so that they get their money back.

Social trade 3700 crore scam is the headline of many news. People search how to get their money back from social trade but there is no official confirmation from social trade. But now social trade decide to get back all the money to social trade members back. This post is all about to refund your all cash money from Social Trade. It is officially confirmed that Anubhav Mittal company decide to back money to social trade members. Read the post below- How to get social trade money back. Here is official Announcement of Socialtrade-

Steps to get Socialtrade Money Back into your account-

Ablazels.com official news to get your money back-

socialtrade money
Official News ST

Here is the official confirmation of Anubhav Mittal company to refund Social trade money back. They wrote that Anubhav Mittal social media exchange social trade is under investigation of the central government and state government. So till investigation goes they unable to provide you the work or service from the portal. (Frenzzup or social trade portal).

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They also describe if you have purchased e-point from ST company or social trade company i.e. M/s Ablaze info solution private limited and there are unused e-points available in your social trade account. Then you apply for the refund for those points. So, they officially announced that if you’re a member of a Social trade or if you buy e-point from ST then you apply for refund money from social trade.

For this just download the refund form.and self-declaration form from its official website.

  1. Refund form- Must be printed on plain paper
  2. Self-Declaration form- Must be printed on stamp.duty of Rs.100

Both the form is available on its official website. How to fill refund form and self-declaration form. To fill forms, we put the sample of both forms on below-

Click Here to download SocialTrade Refund Form And Self-Declaration form

Just download the form and fill with correct information

Send it to-

  • To,
  • Mr.Anubhav Mittal S/o Shri Sunil Kumar Mittal,
  • Lodged in District Jail,
  • National Highway 56B,
  • Mohari Kala, Lucknow
  • Uttar Pradesh, Pin-226005

Note- These form all applicable from 25 june-25th July 2017.  So do it quickly to get your money back from Social trade.

Step 1- Fill Refund Form-

Fill the refund form. Sample of form is given below-

socialtrade money
socialtrade money
  • Just fill Name of account holder-
  • Father name or Husband name-
  • Your address-
  • Pincode-
  • State and city-
  • Mobile number-
  • Your email id-
  • Now fill your payment details as mentioned in image-
  • After that fill your total e-point purchased-
  • Now fill your used e-point to get your payment.
  • Last step- Signature of the account holder.
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Please note- This information is for Bank purposes

Fill all details correctly. Account holder details and Id no. On that UTR. No. Is used for activation.

Step2- Self-Declaration form (Fill Form Social Trade Id Holder)-

I put an image that is the sample of form filling. Watch the image carefully and fill all the details. This is only sampled to fill social trade refund form. Fill the form correctly to get your socialtrade money back-

socialtrade money
social trade money

socialtrade money


So that’s all for ‘how to get your refund from social trade’. This is official news from ablaze info. Solution. To get your money back from social trade just fill the form and apply for refund money. Follow these steps and you get your socialtrade money as soon as possible.

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  1. Sanjay Jyani

    July 5, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Hey bro, social trade refund money form download kese kru…Ablazeis.com open hi nhi ho rhi..please provide me fill up form as soon as possible.And thanks to provide me these details.


    • Rudhr

      July 5, 2017 at 7:58 pm

      Ablazeis.com ya toh new url pe move ho gyi ya high traffic ki wjh se temporarily down hai. We try our best to update ablazeis link as soon as possible. Stay tune with us.


  2. krishal lal

    July 8, 2017 at 7:52 am

    jel se paisebes bap dega form pe address to pud lo


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