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Top 5 Gadgets Invention That Blows Your Eyes #1

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Top 5 Gadgets Invention That Blows Your Eyes #1

Science is like a drug when you like its results you gonna like it. Every day you want to do various interesting stuff with science and technology. Science gives you some of the best and worst time of your life. Like the invention of the digital camera helps you capture your happy moments that happened in life, but invention like the nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb make a threat to peoples. It is the truth that the invention makes our life easy in several ways. The works that we did in months or weeks now finished in few hours or days. So today I want to tell you about Top 5 Gadgets Invention That Blows Your Eyes.

#5. Wekey Pocket Keyboard:-


Wekey is the world’s thinnest and foldable keyboard. Other products in the market are .39 in thick after folded but Wekey pocket has a thickness of under .24 in. This keyboard is slim enough to carry in your pocket. It is nearly mirrored to key layout design of PC keyboard so that typing is intuitive. It is compatible with you iOS, android, and windows.


  • Extremely Portable- It is extremely portable so that it is fit in your pocket comfortably.
  • Intuitive Layout- With PC keyboard key design layout its typing experience is intuitive.
  • Typing Feel- Wekey Pocket emits a clicking sound to keep your typing experience good.
  • Powerful Battery- Wekey Pocket has a Li-Po 200mA battery, that works for months with recharging.
  • Water Resistant- Use Wekey Pocket free of worry because it is water resistant to withstand against coffee and water.

#4. Cheero Sleepion:-


People spent over a third of their lives in bed sleep. Since they spent their much of their life sleeping is crucial to ensure that they are getting the quality of sleep to need to function and their best during the day. Cheero developed the products to improve overall health by specifically focusing on improving the quality of sleep lack. Lack of sleep causes high blood pressure and heart diseases etc.

If you want a good sleep, you need good pillows and comfortable mattress. However, good sleep requires a stimulating sleeping environment that engages more than just your sense of touch this won’t come as a surprise to all people. In sleeping over all senses works. Let’s take a moment to understand the mechanism of sleep. There are two types of sleep- REM sleep and Non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep is a deep sleep that helps in muscle growth and helps in improving the sense of sight, hearing, and smell.

The sounds come from the Cheero sleepion products helps to sleep better because it has a sound of nature and a melody of the world recreation of these sound triggers our memories that encourage our brain to go into deep sleep. Its aroma factor us good for us. These are oil blends made from one hundred percent natural aromas. This product has three different natural therapeutic oil, lavender, Japanese hinoki Cyprus, and geranium. These three different aroma oils as a base you will sleep better.

#3. Furbo Dog Camera:-


Do you people feel bad when you left your loved one at home? Furbo dog camera is a smart dog camera that helps you to see, talk, and even toss a treat to your dog. Treat your dog from anywhere you want. You will keep close with your loved ones, no matter where you are. Never miss a moment and have fun with your dog. Calm them and let them that everything is ok by using Furbo dog camera.


  • Live streaming HD video- 720p HD camera with a 120-degree wide angle. 4X digital zoom and infrared LED night vision.
  • Two-way audio- It has the high-quality microphone with built n speaker. It has also customized snack call.
  • Treat tossing- Use your own treats with a capacity of 30 pieces.
  • Photo and video- By using Furbo dog camera track all your dog’s special moment and share the love with your family.
  • Barking alert- Auto-detecting barking alert and push notification. You can customize it according to your dog.
  • Spill proof- It is very strong and made of bamboo wooden cover.

#2. Small Foot:-


We all are fascinated by the beauty of snow mountains. Enjoying in these areas is very tricky and dangerous. So snowshoes have been used for centuries to get us around in areas with deep snow. But they are not much used now because they are inconvenient to carry and take a lot of space. But they are every useful in these areas.

This is how the idea of a small foot was born to provide the experience of snowshoes. After many years of hard work of development and successful test small foot the pocket, snowshoes was introduced.


  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ultralight
  • Universal with all types and size of shoes
  • Flexible
  • Maneuverable
  • Direct Grip
  • Natural movement
  • Heel lift
  • Downhill
  • Floatable

#1. Catspad:-


Catspad is a smart gadgets with connected dispenser. Its control the diet for healthy cats, identify the cats to monitor their diet, controls the stocks of water and croquet, adjust the daily portion of meals and water. It is easy to use and maintain.

Catspad is coming with a filtration system to provide water. The fountain keeps water flowing all day. Catspad is your best friend. It will feed your pet even if you are away from home. Set up your smart dispenser using your mobile. With Catspad you can receive all important information on your mobile phone. You can control all of the diets of your cat through your smartphone.

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