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Top 7 interesting facts about clash of clans

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Clash of clans is one of the most played android games in mobile. It is the best strategy game ever on the android device. It is available for android, iOS, and Mac. Have you ever wanted to know about more about the clash of clans? When the mobile game Clash of clans is released, it is one of the most played and downloaded games on the android device. Now clash of clans holds the top grossing game in the Android app store. There are a lot of facts about the clash of clans that will entertain you and also help in know more about the clash of clans.So look at the post below for the fun facts about of COC.

Top Facts about Clash of clans:-

So in this post, I am writing about Top facts about the clash of clans. COC came across as a quintessence of a great game. Clash of clans is the great strategy game for gamers. This game is so popular that it managed to attract players like Jorge Yao, loggingPanda. They stick with this game all days long and spent over $5000. They even play this game in the shower. Clash of clans is launched in 2012 and still so popular in all age people. Supercell also has two more popular games that credit an awesome amount of money in their account i.e. Hay day app and Boom beach app. The gameplay of COC is very addictive so nobody was log off. Logging off means your base would be raided/attacked by rivals clans. So that’s the little information so look below to know more.

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#1.Troops update:-

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As we know COC has now had 17 troops but did you know that the first three troops were introduced in a single update but later they delayed in updating new troops. It took a whole year before the Hog Rider, Minion and Valkyrie are introduced. The Lava hound and bowler also took a whole year to be created and introduced into barracks.

#2.P.E.K.K.A Trivia:-

clash of clans tech5.co.in
All clash of clans players is introduced with Pekka. But do you know what is mean of P.E.K.K.A? A strange facts about this that clash of clans also doesn’t know the meaning of P.E.K.K.A. The character Pekka has a named “Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins” through a Facebook contest in 2012 held by supercell.

#3.Appearance of Troops:-

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As we know all characters of Clash of clans such as Barbarian king and regular character like giants, wizard all change their appearance upon reaching certain levels.After Dragon, P.E.K.K.A is only troops or character that can change its appearance at every level. But hidden tesla can more damage on Pekka mainly due to its armour, which is very conductive.

#4.Money, Money, and only Money:-

clash of clans tech5.co.in
Do you know how many COC  earning in a single day? According to a research in Feb 2015, Supercell who create and running the clash of clans earn at least five million per day just from the only Clash of Clan. It means in a month it brings in 150 million dollars for Supercell.

#5.Users and its workers:-

clash of clans tech5.co.in
At Top, I already told you revenue of Clash of clans but another strange fact about is that It has 30 million active users that are a record. In spite of that, the staff size of Supercell is over 250 people but only 15-20 people are working on this supercell game. All we can say that they are an incredible genius.

#6.Super AD in 2015:-

clash of clans tech5.co.in
As we know COC recently added a new character in dark barracks named Bowler. Clash of clans debuted an ad with Liam Nesson parodying his character. It is most viewed the ad in 2015 and selected by youtube Users as a second best ad from the big game.

#7.Lovely Builder:-

clash of clans tech5.co.in
You always tend your builder at some work for construction i.e. construct archer tower or mortar or something else but when you aren’t busy enough, try to move the builder hut you will show a builder catching some z’s and enjoying the COC lovely environment and relaxing.

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